Museum Foundation Raises over $300,000 for the New Brunswick Museum

On May 28th, the Foundation for the New Brunswick Museum (FNBM) presented a cheque of over $165,000 to Elspeth Williams-Hagan, the Vice Chair of the New Brunswick Museum (NBM). Since late 2020, the FNBM has now raised more than $300,000.

These funds were raised by the FNBM for innovative educational outreach, a travelling exhibition, and repatriation from the USA of a valuable botanical fossil collection from the Atholville area, among other projects.

FNBM Chair, Wayne Burley and Executive Director, John McAvity were on hand. “We are extremely pleased with the generosity and support shown by many donors” stated McAvity. “The Foundation only became operational in mid 2020 and we are so pleased with the support we have received. People really care about our Provincial Museum.”

Bernard Riordon, the new CEO of the NBM, stated “The support of individuals, foundations and corporations is key to the renaissance of one of Canada’s finest museums which serves all of New Brunswick. We have bold plans to move forward and to address facility issues which are of a major concern.” He continued to say, “We want to bring New Brunswick to the World and the World to New Brunswick”.

“The FNBM is here to support the development and advancement on this important public institution and to make it a truly pan-New Brunswick institution”, said Wayne Burley.

There are many ways that others can join in this campaign for a brighter future for Canada’s oldest continuing museum. Please contact John McAvity, Executive Director of the FNBM at or visit to learn more about the NBM and the FNBM collective efforts.

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