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NBM 2022-2023 Annual Report

Follow the link below to read the 2022-2023 annual report from NBM: NBM Annual Report

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New Brunswick Museum Unveils Design and Secures Funding

Rendering by PLAY-TIME, Courtesy of Diamond Schmitt  Saint John, NB – March 25, 2024 – Today the New Brunswick Museum (NBM) Board of Directors marked a

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New Brunswick Museum Selects EllisDon as Construction Manager for Revitalization Project

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Saint John, NB – March 8, 2024 – The Board of Directors of the New Brunswick Museum (NBM) is pleased to announce that

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New Brunswick Museum Board Announces New Chair

Saint John, NB – February 29, 2024 – The New Brunswick Museum is pleased to announce that Tracy Clinch has been appointed to the role of

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New Brunswick Museum Unveils Discovery of Rare 3D Fossilized Trees

Saint John, NB – February 5, 2024 – The New Brunswick Museum (NBM) is excited to announce the publication of a remarkable discovery in New Brunswick

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In The News

26 March 2024

Ottawa promises money to revitalize N.B. museum (CTV News Atlantic)

The Architect's Newspaper: Diamond Schmitt unveils New Brunswick Museum Design (Diamond Schmitt)

New Brunswick Museum Merges Culture and Infrastructure (Mirage News)

25 March 2024

New Brunswick Museum design unveiled, $108M in funding secured (CBC News)

New designs for New Brunswick Museum in Saint John released (CTV News Atlantic)

N.B. Museum secures $108M for revitalization project (Acadia Broadcasting)

Diamond Schmitt unveils New Brunswick Museum design in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada (The Architect's Newspaper)

New Brunswick Museum getting $131M update and expansion (Saltwire)

New Brunswick Museum in Saint John, Canada (E-Architect)

N.B. Museum project to get nearly $108 million from federal, provincial governments (CBC News)

Culture rhymes with infrastructure at the New Brunswick Museum (Infrastructure Canada)

New Brunswick Museum design unveiled, $108M in funding secured (Ground News)

N.B. Museum lands $108 million from feds, province (Telegraph Journal)

20 February 2024

His boyhood curiosity sparked a 43-year museum career. Now, Don McAlpine is set to retire (CBC News)

From flesh-eating beetles to vats of pickled turtles, Don McAlpine has some stories (The Neighbor)

14 February 2024

Wildlife Wednesday: Gabby the oldest Great Lakes piping plover makes another successful migration Plus: the stolen 200-kilo polar bear, the bat that leapfrogs its way home, and the weird ancient tree straight out of The Lorax (Canadian Geographic)

11 February 2024

Estranha forma de vida: descoberto fóssil de árvore com 350 milhões de anos (Público, in Portuguese)

CTV National News: Dr. Seuss tree fossil in N.B. (CTV News)

9 February 2024

New Brunswick home to Dr. Seuss like-tree from around 350 million years ago (Global News)

7 February 2024

Rare 3D fossilized tree found near Norton (Acadia Broadcasting)

N.B. fossil find sheds light on forests (CTV News Atlantic)

6 February 2024

Tree fossil discovered in Norton receiving international attention (Telegraph Journal)

Tropical New Brunswick home to Dr. Seuss-like tree from around 350 million years ago (CTV Atlantic)

5 February 2024

Rare 3D Fossiles Show That Some Early Trees Had Forms Unlike Any You've Ever Seen (Astrobiology)

'Very Dr. Seuss': Prehistoric Trees Had 'Pom-Poms' With Narrow Trunk According to Found Fossils, Scientists Says (Knewz)

Tropical New Brunswick home to Dr. Seuss-like tree from around 350 million years ago (National Post)

3 February 2024

Weird Tree From 350 Million Years Ago Looks Like It's From Another Planet (Forbes)

Scientists discover trees from 350M years ago that look completely alien (The Independent)

2 February 2024

Some ancient trees looked like nothing ever seen by humans (

Rare 3D fossil discovery sheds light on unusual shapes of early trees (Interesting Engineering)

Scientists report rare fossil tree unearthed in New Brunswick: 'Like something out of a Dr. Seuss book' (The Globe and Mail)

Weird ancient tree from before dinosaurs found in Canadian quarry (CBC)

A Fossilized Tree That Dr. Seuss Might Have Dreamed Up (The New York Times)

Rare ancient tree discovery has scientists 'gobsmacked' (CNN)

An ancient tree's crowning glory (CBC Radio - Quirks and Quarks)

Rare Fossilized Dr. Seuss-Like Trees Reveal Oddball Natural Experiment (The Wall Street Journal)

Rare fossil reveals glimpse of early, weird looking trees (Science)

An ancient tree's oddball shape is revealed by an extraordinary fossil (Nature)

8 December 2023

New Brunswick Museum announces new home for priceless artifacts, prepares for move (CBC News)

New Brunswick Museum gets new renovated storage and research facility (Global News)

24 July 2023

New Brunswick Museum staying put in Saint John (CTV News - Atlantic)

17 July 2023

Experts document biological diversity in N.B. (Country 94)

8 July 2023
Frogs, fungus and forests: N.B. Museum researchers documenting diversity (CBC)

5 July 2023

Information Morning - BiotaNB (CBC Listen Saint John)

Information Morning - BiotaNB (CBC Listen Moncton)

Information Morning - BiotaNB (CBC Listen Fredericton)

Maritime Noon with Bob Murphy (CBC Listen)

29 June 2023
Researchers head off into southern New Brunswick wilderness (Telegraph Journal)

5 March 2023
Utah wants people to eat invasive bullfrogs. Here’s how to catch them (Washington Post)

1 March 2023
Fossil found in P.E.I. last year sent for study – and possibly the history books (Saltwire)

27 February 2023
Anyone can discover a fossil on this beach—if you wait out the tides (National Geographic)

25 February 2023
Museum stores dolphin bodies in snow (Telegraph Journal)

21 February 2023
Unpacking P.E.I. fossil gives researchers the goosebumps (CBC News)

11 November 2022
The photos in my closet: The story behind a wartime air crash in rural N.B. (CBC News)

10 November 2022
Delilah the whale finds new home after N.B Museum closes exhibit space (CBC News)

11 September 2022
Lost to history, Saint John's silent movie is barely a memory a century later (CBC News)

31 August 2022
Un fossile de 300 millions d’années à Cap-Egmont? (La Voix Acadienne, in French)

25 August 2022
Ongoing study continues to uncover new species (Telegraph Journal)

20 August 2022
The Scottish aviator who brought the world's attention to Pennfield, N.B. (CBC News)

16 August 2022
Kennedy Lakes Biota Part 2
Scientists including Don McAlpine are documenting the late summer wildlife and collecting specimens at a remote protected area in the northern woods. (CBC Shift)

15 July 2022
Workshop offers tips to spot invasive and freshwater mussels (Telegraph Journal)

13 July 2022
Woodstock pays homage to 'renaissance man' more than 70 years after his death (CBC News)

29 May 2022
A look back at Saint John's Byng Boys Club (CBC News)

24 May 2022
Backcountry campers at Fundy asked to help record bat sounds (CBC News)

21 February 2022
Calling all ice fishers: New Brunswick Museum wants in on your catch (CBC News)

27 November 2021
Baby turtles find safe haven at museum (Telegraph Journal)

9 November 2021
NB Museum: memorials of fallen soldiers (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

27 October 2021
N.B. Museum archivist discovers 'spooky' songbook in basement library (CBC News)

26 October 2021
NBM: Officium Defunctorum, or the Office of the Dead book explored (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

13 October 2021
13 baby turtles hatch at the New Brunswick Museum (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

28 September 2021
NBM: An educational experience (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

20 September 2021
Les lundis mycologiques du Musée du N.-B. (Radio Canada - L'heure de pointe – Acadie, in French)

13 September 2021
Museum Set To Give The Dirt On Mushrooms (Country 94)

3 September 2021
Foraging for fungi with the New Brunswick Museum (CTV Atlantic News)

31 August 2021
Mycological Mondays at the New Brunswick Museum (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

19 August 2021
'There's so much interest' in first ever 'fungi' society (Telegraph Journal)

17 August 2021
NBM: Big Brown Bat Boom (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

11 August 2021
Mushroom boom (CBC Shift)

3 August 2021
The New Brunswick Museum hosts a series of pop ups around uptown Saint John (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

28 July 2021
Fossilized dragonfly gets named after museum researcher, family (Telegraph Journal)

27 July 2021
It’s Fun Being A Tourist In Your Own City (Country 94)

27 July 2021
Été pluvieux, cueilleurs de champignons heureux! (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)

20 July 2021
NBM: Weddings Past (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

17 July 2021
New museum pop-up booths take stories to the people of Saint John (Telegraph Journal)

12 July 2021
If you have the time to learn, field of fungi foraging has a lot to offer (CTV Atlantic News)

6 July 2021
New Brunswick Contemporary Quilt Award (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

22 June 2021
New Brunswick Museum launches project to encourage sharing life stories (CBC News)

20 June 2021
Black History Society Opens New Heritage Room (Country 94)

8 June 2021
NBM: Mushroom researchers hope for rain (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

25 May 2021
Pokémon-like salamander sold across N.B. illegally without government concern (CBC News)

21 May 2021
Interim CEO excited to take N.B. Museum into next phase (Telegraph Journal)

21 May 2021
Bernard Riordon to lead NB Museum (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

19 May 2021
Transitional CEO Named For N.B. Museum (Huddle)

19 May 2021
Transitional CEO Named For N.B. Museum (91.9 The Bend)

11 May 2021
The story of the NBM artifact that was used for vaccinating people against smallpox (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

9 May 2021
Turtles are out more than ever this time of year. Here's how you can protect them (CBC News)

27 April 2021
NBM: History of Rockwood Park.
Felicity Osepchook, head of the archives and research library at the New Brunswick Museum takes us through the history of Rockwood Park. Back in the day you might catch daredevil stuntmen riding bikes headfirst into Lily Lake. (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

22 April 2021
‘A beautiful sight’: New Brunswick’s Cape Enrage to welcome back visitors with new fossil tours (CTV Atlantic News)

13 April 2021
Museum offers virtual classes to students (CTV Atlantic News)

13 April 2021
NBM: New discoveries. The discovery of tiny new species here in New Brunswick was featured in a scientific journal recently. Kendra Driscoll, from the New Brunswick Museum shares all the details with host Julia Wright. (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

6 April 2021
'It's super cool': Rare dragonfly fossil dating back over 300 million years discovered in N.B. (CTV Atlantic News)

4 April 2021
300-million-year-old dragonfly wing among several significant pandemic fossil finds (CBC News)

1 April 2021
Museum Offers Live Online Programs To Kids (Country 94)

30 March 2021
More fossil finds by citizen scientists (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

23 March 2021
Découverte : une rare colonie de chauves-souris argentées (Radio Canada, in French)

22 March 2021
Rare silver-haired bat colony discovered in Fredericton old-growth tree (CBC News)

16 March 2021
The work of an archivist (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

2 March 2021
New Brunswick Museum calls on visitors for feedback to make it more relevant (CBC News)

28 February 2021
Call him an 'activist artist': Giving New Brunswick-born painter E.M Bannister his due (CBC News)

24 February 2021
N.B. museum faces dilemma over buildings - Past, present and future (CTV Atlantic News)

16 February 2021
Honouring N.B. born Edward Mitchell Bannister: One of North America’s first prominent Black artist (CTV Atlantic News)

5 February 2021
Latest Nisbet find could unlock more discoveries (Telegraph Journal)

4 February 2021
Valentine's Day (CBC Information Morning Fredericton)

2 February 2021
NBM: Valentine's Day before online dating (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

26 January 2021
NB pandemic stories: History in the making (CTV News)

24 January 2021
Walrus skulls thousands of years old are cleaned up and preserved at N.B. Museum (CBC News)

21 January 2021
NB Museum examine 10,000 year-old walruses (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

7 January 2021
Provincial Museum Seeking A New CEO (Country 94)

5 January 2021
Museum looking for new CEO (Telegraph Journal)

5 January 2021
Grand Manan researcher remembered as 'great whale champion,' devoted community volunteer (CBC News)

22 December 2020
NB Museum acquisitions (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

21 December 2020
What's the significance of candles in the window? (Times & Transcript)

19 December 2020
Christmas trees made holidays bright (Telegraph Journal)

15 December 2020
Family uncovers special fossils (Telegraph Journal)

10 December 2020
NB family make significant fossil find​ (CTV Atlantic News)

10 December 2020
Sussex-area teen finds an important fossil trove at Quaco Head near St. Martins (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

8 December 2020
Some holly jolly tree history (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

24 November 2020
Des fossiles de 400 millions d'années au Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick (Radio Canada, in French)

24 November 2020
Fossil collection of international significance heading to New Brunswick (Global News New Brunswick)

20 November 2020
New Brunswick Museum receives $92K federal grant (Telegraph Journal)

19 November 2020
Paleontologist sends important fossil collection back to N.B. (CBC News)

18 November 2020
Fossil Collection (CBC Shift NB)

17 November 2020
Le Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick reçoit 100 000 dollars pour faire des vidéos (, in French)

17 November 2020
$92,000 In Funding To Help NB Museum Go Digital ( 97.3 The Wave (Saint John), Country 94 (Saint John), and 98.1 Charlotte FM (St. Stephen) )

28 October 2020
New Brunswick woman makes remarkable find of rare truffle in her backyard (CTV Atlantic News)

27 October 2020
NBM: Death debriefed (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

23 October 2020
Ceiling Collapse Forces Closure Of Museum’s Exhibition Centre: CEO (CHSJ News)

22 October 2020
Water damage to roof forces New Brunswick museum to close its doors (CTV Atlantic News)

22 October 2020
Renewed calls to replace New Brunswick Museum after ceiling collapses in exhibition centre (CBC News)

22 October 2020
Retiree reveals 'Alice in Wonderland world' of P.E.I. microfungi (CBC News)

20 October 2020
Museum facing 'very serious and very urgent' issues: CEO (Telegraph Journal)

17 October 2020
A cure for homesickness: Maritimer sets new novel in Saint John (Telegraph Journal)

13 October 2020
Mysterious world of mushrooms (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

3 October 2020
Rare truffles unearthed in Kingston Peninsula area (CBC News)

3 October 2020
45 years later, Malcolm Bricklin still proud of his New Brunswick-made car (CBC News)

29 September 2020
NBM: The Better Farming Special (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

27 September 2020
How P.E.I.'s known freshwater mussel species increased 50% in one day (CBC News)

26 September 2020
And her name was NOT Marco Polo (CBC News)

26 September 2020
The Unsung Heroine of Lichenology (JSTOR DAILY)

15 September 2020
New home for some museum artworks​ (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

5 September 2020
Museum offers 'lots of big wow factors' (Times & Transcript)

2 September 2020
What you Get - $260,000 Homes in Ohio, Maine and Colorado (NY Times)

1 September 2020
Field trip to Canada's largest marine mammal collection (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

24 August 2020
Brown bats never recovered from deadly white-nose syndrome: zoologist (Times & Transcript)

18 August 2020
Museum walking tour (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

10 August 2020
Signs of animal life dating back 320 million years found at Cape Enrage (CBC Information Morning Moncton)

10 August 2020
Scientists have found signs of animal life that goes back over three hundred million years at Cape Enrage. Matthew Stimson is the Assistant Curator of Geology and Paleontology at the New Brunswick Museum in Saint John. Jim Campbell is the manager at Cape Enrage. (CBC Information Morning Fredericton)

10 August 2020
First evidence of prehistoric animal life found at Cape Enrage (CBC News)

10 August 2020
320-million-year-old fossils discovered at Cape Enrage, N.B. (CTV Atlantic News)

4 August 2020
NB's history of plein air painting (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

2 August 2020
12 before-and-after photos show changing Saint John over 150 years (CBC News)

29 July 2020
Hive of activity: Bee collection offers insight (CTV Atlantic News)

21 July 2020
Looking back, how we used to sell NB as a destination (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

17 July 2020
Les découvertes à faire au Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick (Radio Canada, La grande Virée, in French)

6 July 2020
Museum Prepares For Reopening (Country 94; The Wave)

27 June 2020
Rare spoonbill found dead in farmer's field (CBC News)

23 June 2020
Road side fossil finds, New Brunswick Museum (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

21 June 2020
Researchers turn to New Brunswickers for help in search for endangered bee (CBC News)

9 June 2020
Seafarers' treasures and stories at the New Brunswick Museum (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

29 May 2020
New Brunswick Museum working to preserve rare walrus fossils (CTV News)

28 May 2020
Comment nos souvenirs de la pandémie passeront-ils à la postérité? (L'heure de pointe – Acadie, in French)

28 May 2020
Provincial Outreach officer returns to New Brunswick Museum as Foundation’s new Executive Director (The East)

27 May 2020
It's considered rare, it's strange looking and it's been found for the second time in New Brunswick. Dr. Alfredo Justo is a mycologist (CBC Information Morning Fredericton)

26 May 2020
Archive letters from widower who put children up for adoption during 1918 pandemic (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

16 May 2020
Saving bats from a human pandemic (Telegraph Journal)

12 May 2020
Dangerous work of protecting artifacts against loss, damage, theft (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

11 May 2020
The New Brunswick Museum wants your stories about life during the pandemic (CBC Information Morning Moncton)

28 April 2020
Museum looking for personal insight into 'these extraordinary times' (Telegraph Journal)

23 April 2020
New Brunswick Museum needs your help to record life during the COVID-19 pandemic (CTV News)

23 April 2020
History in the making: NB Museum wants your personal pandemic story (CTV News)

15 April 2020
Canada now has a national lichen (CBC Shift)

14 April 2020
Flesh-eating beetles and frass, the New Brunswick Museum bug barn (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

6 April 2020
'I couldn't make this one up': Curator retires at historic time (Telegraph Journal)

4 March 2020
What's your favourite Canadian lichen? (CBC Shift)

3 March 2020
Painless Parker (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

28 February 2020
Built to last (Miramichi Leader)

25 February 2020
Black artist finally recognized 100 years after death (CTV Atlantic News)

19 February 2020
N.B. Museum conservator balances protection of collection against need for public display (CBC News)

18 February 2020
Displaying history (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

9 February 2020
'Unforgettable moments': N.B. hosts iconic Canadian photos (Telegraph Journal)

4 February 2020
Why does the museum have a large collection of dead animals? (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

28 January 2020
How a sea monster myth was born in west Saint John (CBC News)

27 January 2020
N.B. Museum mycologist appointed asociate editor of scientific journal (Telegraph Journal)

21 January 2020
Stories from the New Brunswick Museum (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

7 January 2020
The New Brunswick Museum is the keeper of the history of life in this province (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

4 January 2020
Sneak peek: Statue of scientist W.F. Ganong takes shape (CBC News)

23 December 2019
Saint Johnner wins quilt award (Telegraph Journal)

14 December 2019
Victim of neglect and apathy, an iconic Saint John building comes to a sad end (CBC News)

14 December 2019
Vet college tasked with solving mystery of whale's death (CBC News)

6 December 2019
Believe it or not, the Ripley’s whale buried 30 years ago in P.E.I. makes another appearance (Journal Pioneer)

3 December 2019
Island Studies Press releasing first book dedicated to P.E.I. mammals (SaltWire Network)

16 November 2019
Looking back at the life of a lumberjack (CBC News)

15 November 2019
L'été 2019 a été une saison touristique de rêve au Nouveau-Brunswick (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)

13 November 2019
Tourist sites see dramatic jump in visitors after government cuts (CBC News)

13 November 2019
Scientific find named after Norton man (Telegraph Journal)

13 November 2019
'It symbolizes man's hubris': Canaport bird kill inspires 2 artists (CBC News)

12 November 2019
Rare aquatic lichen makes a comeback in Fundy National Park (CBC News)

12 November 2019
'You could see the carnage everywhere': First responder remembers 2013 bird die-off (CBC News)

8 November 2019
Un grand requin blanc à l'étude au Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)

6 November 2019
Rare fossil discovery uncovers new knowledge of Earth's history (Telegraph Journal)

4 November 2019
Bat researcher says finding healthy females with pups 'encouraging' (CBC News)

4 November 2019
Colonies de chauves-souris : les chercheurs encouragés (Radio Canada, in French)

4 November 2019
N.B. Museum lands great white (Telegraph Journal)

1 November 2019
Des traces du passé au N.-B. (Radio Canada, in French)

27 October 2019
Fossiles : une autre importante découverte au Nouveau-Brunswick (Radio Canada, in French)

27 October 2019
Rare discovery near Norton could help fill fossil gap, researchers say (CBC News)

26 October 2019
Historical costumer brings Loyalist fashion to life (CBC News)

24 October 2019
Re-creating men’s clothing from the 18th century (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

22 October 2019
Museum researchers make rare and important fossil discovery (CBC Shift)

20 October 2019
Melanterite is rare to New Brunswick and dissolves in water (CBC News)

12 October 2019
Halifax teens find 310-million-year-old fossils in Grand Lake (CBC News)

12 October 2019
Deux adolescents d'Halifax découvrent un fossile vieux de 300 millions d'années au N.-B. (Radio Canada , in French)

5 October 2019
Saxby Gale brought devastating winds and 'drenching sheets' of rain 150 years ago (CBC News)

30 September 2019
When steamboats were the best way to get around New Brunswick (CBC News)

16 September 2019
Mushroom expert wants New Brunswickers to foray with fungi (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

8 September 2019
Are there cougars in New Brunswick (The Daily Gleaner)

24 August 2019
The face of countless portraits passes (Telegraph Journal)

14 August 2019
Janine Rogers has partnered with ABC Life Literacy Canada to make museums easier to navigate for people with low literacy. (CBC Information Morning Moncton)

9 August 2019
New Brunswick Museum resumes search for new home after province cancelled project (CBC News)

8 August 2019
The NB Museum rallies after the new museum project gets axed (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

6 August 2019
Exhibit celebrates the art of quilt making (CTV News at 5)

6 August 2019
EXCLUSIVE: NB Museum solution not 'too far away' (Telegraph Journal)

15 July 2019
Fossilized shark excrement stars on Discovery Channel (CBC Shift New Brunswick)

15 July 2019
Rare slave-making ant spotted in New Brunswick (The Canadian Press & CTV News)

15 July 2019
Une espèce de fourmis «esclavagiste» découverte au N.-B. (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)

13 July 2019
'Extremely rare' slave-making ants found at Kennedy Lakes (CBC News)

13 July 2019
Une espèce de fourmi « extrêmement rare » trouvée aux Lacs-Kennedy, au Nouveau-Brunswick (Radio Canada, in French)

10 July 2019
A rare species of ant discovered in N.B. (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

8 July 2019
'It's more than just a cataloguing project': scientist  (Telegraph Journal; The Daily Gleaner)

5 July 2019
This Saint John author wanted to help protect right whales — so she wrote a book (CBC News)

4 July 2019
Vita’s weavings reflect Art History, Culture (Digital Weaving Norway)

28 June 2019
Searching for life in the Kennedy Lakes Protected Natural Area (CBC News)

25 June 2019
Research Project Aims To Find New Species At Kennedy Lakes (Country 94)

6 June 2019
Chauves-souris recherchées (Radio Canada, L'heure de pointe – Acadie, in French)

5 June 2019
Researchers looking for bat colonies (CBC Information Morning Fredericton)

4 June 2019
Researchers want to find New Brunswick's surviving bats, and they need your help (CBC News)

4 June 2019
'Butcher shops adrift': 185-year-old ledger depicts N.B. ship's right whale hunts (CBC News)

30 May 2019
NB Museum looking for local bats (CTV Atlantic News)

28 May 2019
How did a historic building end up hidden on a Saint John walking trail? (CBC News)

17 May 2019
Invasive Chinese mystery snail studied in New Brunswick ecosystems (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

17 May 2019
Scientists ask for help to solve snail 'mystery' (CBC News)

4 May 2019
How to salvage items from your flood-damaged home (CBC News)

1 May 2019
A Quick Guide to Salvaging Flood-Damaged Materials (CBC Shift New Brunswick)

11 April 2019
L'écriture cursive est-elle en voie de disparition? (Regard 9, Radio Canada, in French)

31 March 2019
Indigenous artifact or relic from space: What is the Utopia Medallion? (CBC News)

28 March 2019
N.B. museum exhibition aims to revive dwindling art of cursive writing (CTV Atlantic news)

24 March 2019
Behind the scenes of Willie O’Ree documentary. New Brunswickers got a behind the scenes look at the making of a documentary about Fredericton’s Willie O’Ree, the first black hockey player in the NHL. (CTV Atlantic News)

24 March 2019
New Brunswick documentary honours first player to break NHL colour barrier (Global News)

3 March 2019
Cursive Conundrum: New exhibit at N.B. Museum asks about the relevance of cursive writing (Global News)

1 March 2019
L'écriture cursive encore d'actualité? (Radio Canada - L'heure de pointe - Acadie, in French)

1 March 2019
Fading away? Museum exhibits history of cursive writing (The Daily Gleaner)

28 February 2019
"Conundrum"; the dying art of cursive (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

28 February 2019
Cursive writing in a texting world: Museum explores a dying art (CBC News)

21 February 2019
He shoots, he scores: N.B. Museum shows off exhibit on Canada’s favourite game (Global News)

19 February 2019
N.B. museum investment lagging: expert (Telegraph Journal)

5 January 2019
A neighbourhood tradition. The new owners of Webster’s on Stanley have worked to build their corner store into a building block of the community. (Telegraph Journal)

22 December 2018
Does New Brunswick value its heritage? (Telegraph Journal)

18 December 2018
Saint John city council approves demolition of Coast Guard building (CTV Atlantic News)

17 December 2018
Recalling province’s forgotten flu fighter (Telegraph Journal)

17 December 2018

14 December 2018
Le gouvernement progressiste conservateur du NB a annoncé qu'il n'attribuera pas le financement prévu de 50 millions de dollars pour la construcution d'un nouveau musée à Saint-Jean. (Radio Canada, in French)

14 December 2018
Featured letter - Government wrong to derail museum (Telegraph Journal)

13 December 2018
Public pressure growing to reverse decision to scrap N.B. Museum project (CTV Atlantic News)

13 December 2018
Government Cuts $50 Million for New Brunswick Museum Rebuild (Canadian Art)

13 December 2018
‘Our artifacts are in peril’. New Brunswick Museum board chair calls on province to reinstate funding(Telegraph Journal)

12 December 2018
The Higgs government re-evaluates funding for the new NB museum (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

12 December 2018
N.B. museum leaders weren't consulted about decision to nix funding (CTV Atlantic News)

12 December 2018
New Brunswick Museum officials ‘very disappointed’ in funding cut (Global News)

12 December 2018
Report du projet d’un nouveau Musée du N.-B. : grande déception à Saint-Jean (Radio Canada, in French)

12 December 2018

11 December 2018
Higgs Government Shelves Planned Capital Projects Like New N.B. Museum In Saint John (Huddle)

11 December 2018
The new New Brunswick Museum project was left out of the 2019-20 capital budget (CBC News)

6 October 2018
Exhibit sheds like on days after the Armistice (CTV Atlantic News)

31 October 2018
New exhibition highlights the Great War’s effect on N.B. (Telegraph Journal)

31 October 2018
The Creative City of Saint John (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

3 October 2018
Second dead Minke whale found near Grand Manan (Telegraph Journal)

1 October 2018
Forgotten N.B.: Last fatal duel on Oct. 2, 1821, killed premier’s father (Telegraph Journal)

17 August 2018
Trip through architectural history (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

1 August 2018
Design unveiled for New Brunswick Museum's proposed 'landmark' exhibition centre (CBC News)

1 August 2018
Designs for the new New Brunswick Museum (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

1 August 2018
New Brunswick Museum unveils preliminary design of new facility (Global News)

1 August 2018

31 July 2018
First Look At New Saint John Museum (CHSJ News)

30 June 2018
Le site du Fort Latour mis en valeur (Radio Canada, in French)

21 June 2018
New Brunswickers mark National Indigenous People’s Day (Global News)

18 June 2018
Searching for slime mould and other life near McAdam (CBC News)

18 June 2018
Découvrir une nouvelle espèce par jour au Nouveau-Brunswick (Radio Canada, in French)

14 June 2018
Slime mould and poetry, scientists and artists come together at BiotaNB (CBC Information Morning Saint John)

12 June 2018
Donald McGraw : le cercle de la réconciliation (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)

7 June 2018
Pride in New Brunswick: Acadian artist honours First Nations chiefs through art (CBC News)

5 June 2018
Le cercle de vie de Donald McGraw : hommage d'un Acadien aux peuples autochtones (Radio Canada, in French)

2 June 2018
Designing a city (Telegraph Journal)

1 June 2018
Canadian architects view Saint John buildings after the Great Fire of 1877 (Global News)

31 May 2018
Saint John’s Architecture Gets Celebrated With New Brunswick Museum Exhibit (The East)

23 May 2018
'Showy' pink lady bug found inside the province (CBC News)

14 May 2018
NB Museum provides guide to salvage precious items from the flood (Telegraph Journal)

24 April 2018
How to ID a faceless sea creature (Telegraph Journal)

19 April 2018
Tri-coloured bat likely extinct in New Brunswick, zoologist says (CBC News)

28 March 2018
Projet de musée virtuel consacré aux tapis hookés (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)

23 March 2018
New Brunswick Museum Receives Donation Of $20,000 From The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation (The East)

14 March 2018
Bug diet of birds has dramatically declined in quality, researchers find (CBC News)

8 March 2018
Turkey vultures have moved in to N.B. to stay: Expert (Telegraph Journal)

7 March 2018
'Ultimate scavenger' turkey vulture may be N.B.'s newest permanent species (CBC News)

6 March 2018

24 February 2018
Province is ‘absolutely squanchy’ for Sasquatch (Telegraph Journal)

23 February 2018
Location unveiled for new museum (Telegraph Journal)

22 February 2018
New home for New Brunswick Museum to further uptown renewal: mayor (CBC News)

22 February 2018
New Brunswick purchases property for new museum in uptown Saint John (Global News)

22 February 2018
N.B. Museum moving to Saint John’s former Coast Guard property (CTV Atlantic News)

22 February 2018
New Museum Will Be Constructed in Saint John On Former Coast Guard Site (Huddle)

22 February 2018
New N.B. Museum To Be Built On Former Coast Guard Property (CHSJ News)

22 February 2018
New home for New Brunswick Museum will be old Coast Guard site in Saint John (CBC News)

22 February 2018
Snowy owl electrocuted mid-flight by Saint John power lines (CBC News)

25 January 2018
Art Expo celebrates N.B. beauty (CTV Atlantic News)

9 January 2018
N.B. fossil of ancient tree is believed to be more than 350 million years old (Telegraph Journal)

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