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Team Directory

All NBM staff can be reached by email by using their


Leigh Ann Allen
Administrative Services
(506) 607-5746

Lane Atkinson, BBA, CPA
(506) 647-1740

Amanda Bremner, MSc.
Natural History
(506) 566-1545

Alison Calder
Temporary Exhibitions & Outreach

Stephen R. Clayden, Ph.D.
Botany and Mycology Section
Research Curator Emeritus

Kendra Driscoll, B.Sc., BA
Botany & Mycology
(506) 643-7670

Sean Driscoll
Temporary Exhibitions & Outreach
(506) 650-2926

Aristi Dsilva, B.Com, BAMHT, MBA
Marketing and Communications
(506) 643-2358

Dominique Gélinas, Ph. D.
Head, Exhibitions & Visitor Experience

Chuck Hamilton

Michelle Hébert
(506) 647-3628

Frances Heydeman
Administrative Services & Logistics
(506) 643-7981

Tandi Hooper-Clark
Museum Shop Manager
(506) 566-1866

Gary K. Hughes, M.A.
History & Technology
Curator Emeritus

Randi Jalil, B.A.
(506) 566-1721

Gregory F.M. Jongsma, Ph.D.
Assistant Curator of Zoology

Alfredo Justo, Ph.D.
Head, Botany and Mycology Section
Research Curator
(506) 647-3443

Peter J. Larocque, M.A.
Head, Humanities Department and
Art Curator
(506) 651-1308

Jennifer Longon
Archives & Research Library
(506) 643-2397

Donald McAlpine, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Natural History
Head, Zoology Section
Research Curator
(506) 343-4432

Tina McBriarty
(506) 566-1344

Bobbi-Lynne Miller
Business Office
(506) 566-2714

Randall F. Miller, Ph.D., P.Geo.
Geology and Palaeontology Section
Research Curator Emeritus

Stephen Mott, B.A
Public Programming

Christiana Myers, M.Litt
Public Programming

Catrina Russell, B.Sc. (Geology), M.Org.Manag.
Public Programming

Dee Stubbs-Lee, MA, CAPC, PAIC, FIIC
(506) 643-2341

Mary Sollows, MSc.
Natural History
(506) 643-2365

Matthew R. Stimson BSc.
Acting Section Head, Assistant Research Curator,
Geology and Palaeontology

Andrew Sullivan, M.E.M.
(506) 643-3307

Brent Suttie, MA
COO, Director of Research
(506) 643-2351

Bruce Thomson
Manager Museum Services
(506) 650-2969

Cheryl Thorne
Museum Services
(506) 650-0360

Claire Titus
Provincial Collections Manager and Conservator
(506) 654-2153

Sherry Waycott
Administrative Secretary
(506) 643-2351

Main Contact

(506) 643-2300
Fax: (506) 643-2360
Toll free: 1-888-268-9595

Archives & Research Library
(506) 643-2322


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