Our Mission

The Foundation’s mission is to support the development and operations of Canada’s Oldest Museum. Established in 1842, the New Brunswick Museum’s rich collections have millions of stories to be told, with remarkable professionals working on many projects in the 6 major collecting areas. Our mission is to bring New Brunswick to the World, and the World to New Brunswick. Join us in exceptional opportunities.

Our Values:

  • Excellence and creativity
  • Professionalism, friendship, and accountability
  • Diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility
  • Boldness and innovation
  • Collaboration and community advancement
  • Advocacy for the best future of NBM

Why support the New Brunswick Museum?

The NBM is the main provincial institution for the conservation, research and safety of our cultural and natural history and its records. The Museum plays an important role for all New Brunswickers and friends. Your support can be directed to specific activities in many ways and is deeply appreciated, now more than ever. We are expecting good news for new facilities soon and we seek your support for these new facilities. Watch for news.

Case for Support:

Ask for our Case for Support brochure which outlines our path forward.

Foundation for the New Brunswick Museum Board of Directors




Brenda Orr, Chair, Riverview




Shannon Ferris, Secretary and NBM Executive Officer, Fredericton




John McAvity, Rothesay





Hope Hunter, Long Reach




Timothy Christie, Saint John







There are numerous ways you can support the New Brunswick Museum:

Consider these ways.  

Funds: A one-time gift made by cheque, credit card or electronic fund transfer is chosen by some of our donors for its simplicity and ease. Your contribution to the Foundation for the New Brunswick Museum may be through a one-time donation or annual gifts. You may benefit from making such gifts with a deduction on your income tax return.

Pledges:  Gifts to the Foundation for the New Brunswick Museum for specific projects can be made in regular payments over a period usually up to five years, based on the amount of your contribution.  Many choose the pledge option with payments spread over multiple years in order to achieve a greater impact for their gift. For example we have one generous donor making donations of $25,000 per year for each of 3 years.

Memorials: This is an idea way to preserve the legacy of a loved one. Memorials will be recognized by name and a brief description no more than 100 words that you submit to the Museum which will be made public and in our annual report. Memorials start at a minimum of $200. For descriptions over 100 words an additional charge will be required plus costs of translation and for length.

Fund Chairs or staff needs:  Many museums have funds to support curatorial or conservation chairs as well as student employment. This is one of our greatest needs at present as government funding is not meeting our needs.

Securities: Stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares that have appreciated can have an immediate impact and can create an income tax deduction for you based on their current value. Such donations are also eligible for exemption from capital gains tax.

Life Insurance: You may donate to the Foundation for the New Brunswick Museum by making the “Foundation for the New Brunswick Museum” and/or “New Brunswick Museum” the owner and beneficiary of one or more of your insurance policies. Many of us have more insurance policies than we realize including through credit card and medical programs.

Leave a Legacy/Planned Gifts: Remembering the Foundation for the New Brunswick Museum in your will is the most common form of planned giving. A percentage of your estate would be a fitting way to remember the New Brunswick Museum and could reduce your estate taxes. Your gift will be a lasting legacy and can be cash, stocks, mutual funds, property, etc., or even an insurance policy. Legacy gifts can be set in an Endowment Fund for the NBM or a focus of your choice. Here are some of the ways to achieve this:

  • bequests by your will or living trust
  • charitable remainder trusts
  • charitable gift annuities
  • beneficiary benefits from your RRSPs, pensions, or financial instruments

Matching Gifts: If your company has a matching gift program, you may be able to enhance the impact of your gift by requesting a matching gift form from your company and including it with your pledge. Check with your employer for a tax-deductible donation.

Gifts In Kind: We will gladly accept donations of certain necessary services and products that will benefit the New Brunswick Museum. Under certain circumstances, gifts in kind receive special consideration under CRA guidelines.

U.S.A. Donors: Donations from U.S. taxpayers to the FNBM through the Council for Canadian American Relations www.ccar-nyc.org are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by U.S. law.

Donations of objects: The Foundation does not accept donations of art works, artifacts or related material in most cases. Such donations should be offered to the relevant curatorial department at the NB Museum. Donations of land or real estate may be considered.

Recognition: All donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt for amounts over $20 Canadian.  Donors may also be acknowledged in the annual reports of the NB Museum and the Foundation. Major gifts will receive special recognition. Donors have the right to remain anonymous.

Gifts to the Foundation for the New Brunswick Museum are fully tax deductible as allowed by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Please contact your tax or financial advisor with specific questions regarding tax deductibility. For additional information regarding contributions or memorial giving options, you may contact the Foundation for the New Brunswick Museum at 506-643-2300/1-888-268-9595.

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