Reconnect with your heritage through art and music

Viewing and appreciating an artwork is a subjective experience that takes on different meanings for each person. There are no right or wrong interpretations.
Music brings us joy, it evokes memories in the mind and the heart. Sometimes we just need to hear a few notes and we begin humming, reliving a moment of our lives.
The NBM wants to offer you an activity that will combine the experiences of looking at art and listening in knowledge, it is an opportunity to revive your memories and share them with others.


1. Download and open the Guideline book in PDF on your left. You can also print it, if you want. It will help you with the activity.
2. Select one of the five (5) works of art, by clicking once on the picture. The audio will start automatically.
3. To enlarge the picture (full screen), pass your mouse over the picture, and a bar should appear, click on to enlarge.
4. To exit the full screen, you can press ESC button, or pass your mouse over the picture again, than click on .
5. To return to the previous webpage, click on the back arrow on the top menu bar of the page.
6. Select another artwork with one click and repeat the experience.

No.1 Memories of Concerts

No.4 – Memories of Parties


No.2 Memories of Church       

No.5 – Memories of love

No.3 – Memories of School

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