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Provincial Funding for the New Facilities project for the New Brunswick Museum cancelled

In the capital budget that was tabled on December 11, 2018 by the New Brunswick government, the $50 Million in provincial funding that had been committed for the new facility project for the New Brunswick Museum was cancelled.  The New Brunswick Museum staff and Board Members are very disappointed in this decision by the provincial government.

The much needed new facility project, with the total project cost of $100 Million, would have brought the Collections & Research Centre and the Exhibition Centre together in a new facility in Uptown Saint John.  The new museum would provide an expanded visitor experience and a modern and safe environment for the collections and staff.

The Federal Government has committed funds to the project.

At over 175 years, the New Brunswick Museum is the oldest continuing museum in Canada.

The New Brunswick Museum Board of Directors and management will continue to work with the province of New Brunswick to fully consider and address the various issues at the New Brunswick Museum.

Please sign and share this petition ( http://chng.it/2TsDJJfN ), to show your support for the future of the New Brunswick Museum.


The mandate of the NB Museum is to preserve, research and interpret the natural, human and cultural heritage of the Province of New Brunswick. To do this, the NB Museum requires resources of various kinds, including appropriate facilities.

Currently, the NBM is operating in two main facilities:

1. The NBM Collections and Research Centre, located at 277 Douglas Avenue, in Saint John, owned by the Province
2. The NBM Exhibition Centre, located at Market Square, in Saint John, leased by the Province from the private sector

Due to space restraints, the NBM also has temporary storage off-site.

NBM Collections and Research Centre

Within the NBM Collections and Research Centre, collections of provincial, national, and international significance are researched and interpreted by NBM staff, university students, and visiting researchers for the preservation and dissemination of New Brunswick history, culture, and natural history.  The Centre hosts researchers from around the world, responds to international queries about its holding, mentors students, creates exhibition for display at the NBM Exhibition Centre in Market Square (and at various venues around the province), and supports the production of academic and educational information. The NBM Archives and Research Library is open regularly to the public. Access to collections and the expertise of curators and other staff is available by appointment and through specific NBM programmes and activities.

The building, built in 1929-32, in which collections and activities of national and international renown, is over-crowded and in poor condition.

Douglas Ave

NBM Exhibition Centre

The NBM Exhibition Centre in Market Square, Saint John shares the collections and stories of New Brunswick with residents of New Brunswick and visitors to the province. It is one of New Brunswick’s key cultural tourism attractions, as well as a significant venue for curriculum-based and life-long learning experiences. Approximately 65,000 people visit the NBM each year. The NBM partners with the private sector to offer innovative programming to cruise, group tours, meetings and convention groups, festivals and special events, as well as to other targeted audiences.

The NBM Exhibition Centre is in space leased by the Province from the private sector. The Exhibition Centre opened in April, 1996 with a long term lease (20 years). The current exhibition space no longer meets today’s requirement for the NBM and the public.

market square

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  1. Peter Gadd says

    Not providing support for adequate collecting, researching and archiving all aspects of life and culture in New Brunswick is very short sighted and irresponsible. I am referring to the cancellation of NB funding for the new facilities in Saint John.

  2. Jan Riddell says

    Please make sure the exterior of the building is bird friendly and native plants dominate the gardens beside it. I hope the Douglas Ave site is sufficiently renovated to support its valuable collections and the work of the scientists.

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