Research Associates

The Board of Directors may, upon recommendation of the Director, appoint Research Associates to carry out research or other projects using the collections and other resources of the New Brunswick Museum (NBM). Research Associates are not paid by the NBM for their work unless specified in the Letter of Agreement. The Research Associate Policy complements the NBM's Research Policy, Collections Policy and Loans Policy and other guiding policies and procedures of the NBM.

The activities of a Research Associate must support the mission and mandate of the New Brunswick Museum. The research may relate directly to a specific project or be part of an ongoing collaborative activity. In both cases it will serve to assist and enhance the NBM's goals. Research Associates will also enable the NBM to develop partnerships beneficial to the NBM, the Research Associate, and other institutions.

Research Associates:

Bruce A. Bagnell, Botany & Mycology
Gart Bishop, Botany & Mycology
Constance L. Browne, Ph.D., Zoology
Paul M. Brunelle, Zoology
Adrian Carter, Ph.D., Botany & Mycology
David Christie, Zoology
Robert G. Forsyth, Zoology
Stuart R. Gelder, Ph.D., Zoology
Sean Haughian, Ph.D., Botany and Mycology
Howard M. Huynh, Ph.D., Zoology

Robert MacKinnon, Ph.D., Humanities
David Malloch, Ph.D., Botany & Mycology
Haseeb Randhawa, Ph.D., Zoology
John W. Reynolds, Ph.D., Zoology
Dwayne L. Sabine, M.Sc., Zoology
Matthew Stimson, Geology
Brent Suttie, M.A., Humanities
Karen J. Vanderwolf, M.Sc., Zoology
Reginald P. Webster, Ph.D., Zoology

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