NBM Caledonia Gorge Protected Natural Area Bioblitz 2011-2012

Documenting Biodiversity in the Caledonia Gorge Protected Natural Area

The Caledonia Gorge Protected Natural Area (CG PNA), at 2,832 ha is the smallest of New Brunswick's 10 largest PNAs and representative of the Central Uplands Ecoregion. Situated in the southeast corner of New Brunswick, this PNA captures the steeply-sloping Crooked Creek Gorge and tributaries where they cut into the Fundy Plateau, before flowing into the Bay of Fundy. Bioblitz 2011-2012 are the third and fourth year of a long-term project, established in 2009 by the New Brunswick Museum Centre for Biodiversity Research, to investigate the biological diversity of the 10 largest New Brunswick PNAs. Led by the NBM, in 2011 and 2012, this volunteer-supported biological inventory program will bring together biodiversity specialists from Canada and the United States to spend 2 weeks intensively investigating the biodiversity of this poorly known conservation area. Information collected will support the development of management plans for the PNA and will inform future research projects and ecosystem monitoring. Interaction and involvement with the local community will also encourage public stewardship of the site. Specimens collected will be deposited in the New Brunswick Museum and associated data made widely accessible through electronic means.

Funding: NB Environmental Trust Fund, Salamander Foundation, NB Wildlife Trust Fund, D.S. Christie, Stantech Environmental Consultants, NB Department of Natural Resources

Project Artists

In the summers of 2011-12, Aleta Karstad and Mathieu Leger will join biodiversity specialists in the field to investigate the Caledonia Gorge PNA. Aleta is an experienced scientific illustrator and natural history artist based in Ontario at the Bishops Mills Natural History Center, and with her naturalist-husband, Dr. Fred Schueler, will be on hand throughout the field periods. Mathieu Leger, a Moncton-based visual artist and sculptor, will also join the Bioblitz program for several days during each of two 14 day field programs.

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