Jack Humphrey – Celebrating a New Brunswick Master

The creative journey of New Brunswick painter, Jack Humphrey, is quite remarkable. After time spent training in Boston and Provincetown in Massachusetts as well as New York City and Oyster Bay, New York, he even studied in Europe for a year, before he brought his Modernist vision back to his home province. He had courage and passion, learning new styles, and pushing the bounds of his ability and imagination; he believed that being an artist meant living by your work. For over thirty years, he drew inspiration and created beautiful work in his hometown of Saint John.

The New Brunswick Museum is thrilled to introduce a special edition calendar that pays tribute to the exceptional paintings of one of Canada’s most celebrated artists, Jack Weldon Humphrey (1901-1967) – an unsung hero of New Brunswick’s art scene.

The landscape was an enduring subject throughout his career. The hills, fields, streams, rivers, and shorelines provided underlying inspiration – a constant – as his style evolved from realism to abstraction.


Humphrey’s influence extended far beyond the borders of New Brunswick. He was a founding member of the Canadian Group of Painters and the Contemporary Art Society, demonstrating his impact on the national art scene. His work was exhibited internationally, keeping him at the forefront of the evolving art world. Simultaneously, this global recognition aided in the elevation of New Brunswick’s art community profile.

Jack Humphrey’s talent is well worthy of wider recognition. This celebration of his work is exclusive to the New Brunswick Museum Boutique, order yours today!