New Brunswick Ships Abroad

New Brunswick in the 1800s was known the world over for its wooden sailing vessels. This gallery tells their story and the people that made them famous.

New Brunswick’s Marine Economy

New Brunswick Ships Abroad Gallery deals with overseas trade and ships at sea. Exports and types of New Brunswick lumber are piled on a dock awaiting shipment and a series of glass cases on a blue-green ‘sea’ floor contain a ship model surrounded by a series of artifacts adhering to a specific theme. For example, one case deals with risks at sea and shipwreck, another with navigation, life at sea, foreign objects and souvenirs, and, finally, ship carvings and parts from the famous Marco Polo. On the gallery walls are ship portraits from the museum’s excellent collection. The section concludes with a Liverpool dock where many New Brunswick ship owners sold not only the ship’s cargo of lumber but the ship itself to merchants from this English city during the 19th century.

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