Hall of Great Whales

The Atlantic coast is Canada home to a variety of whales and seals. Once hunted widely, many marine mammals are now of conservation concern and protected. Several, most notably the Right Whale, Eubalena glacialis, have become the focus of eco-tourism in New Brunswick waters.

The New Brunswick Museum Hall of the Great Whales explores the lives of the marine mammals of the region, particularly the large whales and provides a great orientation for anyone contemplating a trip to view live whales off Canada’s east coast.

The gallery includes the finest eastern Canadian collection of assembled whale skeletons, as well as life-size full-body models of several species, including a 13m Right Whale. Other species represented by material from the New Brunswick Museum marine mammal research collection include Minke Whale, Sei Whale, Humpback Whale, Sperm Whale, Pygmy sperm Whale, and Beluga. Come and learn Delilah’s story, perhaps Canada’s best known Right Whale, who died tragically following a ship-strike in the Bay of Fundy, but whose offspring miraculously survived.

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