School & Youth Museum Programs

*Bookings required at least 2 weeks in advance*
Contact the programs booking telephone line at (506) 643-2349 or 1-888-268-9595.


Preschool–Grade 3  ∙  Grade 4–Grade 7  ∙  Grade 8–Grade 12


Preschool – Grade 3 (30 minute tour/30 minute play time, includes crafting activity)

Min 8, Max 20 children / Chaperone to child ratio 1:4 / Price $3.00 per child (chaperones at given ratio are free)

  • Swimming Silly – Learn all about what makes a whale a whale and a fish a fish through song, movement, and hands on discovery.
  • Birds of a Feather – Learn what causes the birds that we see every day to look so different by exploring concepts things like habitat, food chains and migration through various games and play.
  • Prehistoric Pals – Find out about what kind of animals have called New Brunswick home over the past billion years by examining real fossils and learning all about how they form.
  • Life in Early Acadia – Try on a pair of sabots and see how different life would have been for early Acadian settlers with this engaging tour complete with costumes, song, and dance.


Grade 4 – Grade 7  (45 minute tour/15 minute play time, includes craft and activities)

Min 8, Max 50 students / Chaperone to student ratio 1:8 / Price $3.00 per student (chaperones at given ratio are free)

  • Under the Sea – Examine specimens of some of the amazing creatures you can find swimming in the oceans around New Brunswick while learning all about food chain and environments
  • Fossil Finds – Examine samples up close while exploring some of the amazing fossil diversity found within the Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark and around New Brunswick while learning all about the differences between rocks and minerals.
  • Anchors Aweigh – Set sail on the high seas with this imaginative tour that will guide you through the construction of wooden ships in New Brunswick, and across the seas to faraway lands!
  • Art in New Brunswick – Explore artistic tradition in New Brunswick starting with the indigenous people all the way to the modern day. Leave with your own artistic creation!
  • New Brunswick Heritage – Examine all of the different elements that make up New Brunswick’s Natural and Cultural Heritage.


Grade 8 – Grade 12 (1 hour tour)

Min 8, Max 50 students / Chaperone to student ratio 1:15 / Price $3.00 per student (chaperones at given ratio are free)

  • Ocean Conservation – Learn all about the issues under the sea with this presentation outlining the threats facing many endangered species around New Brunswick and what we can do to help save them! *includes some graphic but fascinating images and videos.
  • Geologic Processes – Learn all about the geologic processes that have had to occur in order for New Brunswick to exist as it does today. Explore concepts like plate tectonics, volcanism, fossilization and more with plenty of hands on samples.
  • Fine Art – Explore the various schools of art and artistic thought that have existed in New Brunswick and around the world! Practice sketching in the galleries and be inspired to create your own masterpiece in this interactive tour.
  • New Brunswick Occupations – Learn about occupations historically held by New Brunswickers, from woodsmen to sailors, and teachers to artists, while considering some of the jobs that help to preserve this history here at the New Brunswick Museum.
  • Personalized Gallery Visit  Special guided tour of the New Brunswick Museum with a Museum interpreter. Select the galleries of interest to your group or have a highlights tour of the whole museum.
  • Uptown Saint John Walking Tour – Explore the streets of Uptown Saint John while taking in the history, architecture, and geology of this region.