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Be sure to check out our youth activities listed in the What's Happening Calendar section of our website. Tours and activities for youth are designed to engage youth and their chaperons in interactive and energetic learning opportunities, all promoting the rich and amazing stories of New Brunswick people and product through history as well as New Brunswick natural sciences. You may be singing, dancing, crafting, cooking, and more!

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Programs available TUESDAYS-FRIDAYS

Celebrate Art at the NBM!

Museum educators will highlight the work of several artists (contemporary and historic) in the collection of the New Brunswick Museum.  Through hands-on experimentation with a few different art mediums and art concepts, your students will grow a new appreciation of Art in New Brunswick!

Too Cool! Ice Age and Climate Change in New Brunswick

Through the exhibition “Our Changing Earth”, and with current geological research, learn the effects of ice ages and climate change on our province. From giant mammal evidence to minute fossil beetle research, you can uncover evidence of the many climate changes New Brunswick has experienced.

Swimming Silly!

(preschool to K, maximum 18 individuals) This unique preschool program is sure to please the children in your group.  Focusing on the main theme that whales are special animals the interactive and fun museum program helps the very young learn about animals in the ocean.  Children and their parents in this tiny tot program will have fun swimming silly together!  Some key actions within the hour long program include:  BIG AS, UP AND DOWN, STRETCH FAR, SING SONG, and PARADE.

Museum Idol!

(Grades 2 to 12) Who is the best?  Famous and not-so-famous people of New Brunswick’s past who have made history!  You Vote!  You Decide!  From shared knowledge of First Nations to inventors, ship yard owners and builders to whalers – the songs and stories abound in the galleries of the New Brunswick Museum.

Ocean of Concern: Protecting our water environments

(Grades 6 and up) Did you know that oceans cover 70% of the world? Education is the key to increasing our awareness of the dangers facing ocean animals, plants, and related ecosystems. Discuss hazards and habitats. Examine threatened and endangered ocean species in the Museum’s Hall of Great Whales. Do simple experiments and examine specimens up close. Come up with some of your own conclusions on how we can help our ocean environment!

First Nations of New Brunswick

(Grades K & Up) Three First Nation groups live in the region we now call New Brunswick. Many aboriginal stories tell of the history of First Nations culture and many place names in New Brunswick are of aboriginal origin. Come discover aboriginal culture in New Brunswick.

Acadians in New Brunswick

(Grades K & Up) New Brunswick has rich history dating back thousands of years. Do you know when Europeans first established permanent settlement in this area? Where were they from? Acadians are recognized as being the first to establish permanent European settlement in this area.

Museum Careers! A Crash Course!

(Grades 9 & up) In a world that has seen major world-wide revolutions – agricultural and industrial - we are now witness to the “Information” Revolution. Museums around the world can stand and be counted amongst houses of knowledge and communication. Join us at the NBM for a most informative tour highlighting the diverse nature of museum work. From greeting visitors, to retail sales; education public presentations and graphic design; to thorough doctorate research projects and object conservation! Along with being provided a glimpse into the daily work of historians, students will learn about a few of the “ologies” in a museum through discussion of the work of NBM botanist, zoologist, and paleontologist! Tour participants can begin to discover the exciting inner world of a museum by taking part in the NBM “Museum Careers!” interactive tour.

Birds, Bugs, & Belugas

(Grade K) Bring your group to the museum to learn all about animals. Play games, tour the whale and bird galleries, hear stories, and have play-time in the Discovery Gallery.

Giants of the Deep

(Grades 1 & Up) Tour the hall of the great whales and see actual skeletons of whales from the Bay of Fundy. Try to identify whales with the Whale Tail Game.

Fossil Finds

(Grades 4 & Up) How old is the earth? How are mountains formed? See New Brunswick fossils of giant trilobites, sea scorpions, and mastedons. The Scavenger Hunt through the gallery helps students understand the geological time scale and how life has evolved on Earth!

Anchors Aweigh!

(Grades K - 8) A multi-disciplined interactive experience through the NBM’s Hall of Great Whales, Decorative Arts, and Shipbuilding Galleries. Come see how fun the New Brunswick Museum can be!

NBM Highlights

(Grades 9-12 and adult groups) First visit to the New Brunswick Museum? Travel a great distance and want to see as much as possible? Featured highlights include: hear the tragic story of Delilah, a North Atlantic Right Whale; see a trilobite, sea scorpion, and other fossils; experience the inspired works of New Brunswick artists; and much more!

Leader-Led Tours

(all ages) You are invited to bring your class or youth group for a Leader Let tour anytime at the New Brunswick Museum. Many learning activities and curriculum ties await you – math, natural science, New Brunswick history, art, international cultures, geography, and more! We can provide special scavenger hunts to assist in exploring the galleries. Chaperones must be provided at a ratio of 1:8 children. Chaperones must accompany students through our galleries. Special scavenger hunt activities are provided for you. You must pre-register in order to receive the special school group rate of $2.50 per child, chaperones free.

Spring Field Trip (May-June)

This fast paced tour is designed for all age groups. Minimum group size 8 participants, maximum 75 participants.

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How to book your tour

Contact the programs booking telephone line at (506) 643-2349 or 1-888-268-9595.

You must book your program at least two weeks in advance.

Make sure you have the following information ready - Program, Date, Time, Number of Students, Grade Level, School Name and Phone and Fax Numbers.

Other Important Information

The NEW BRUNSWICK MUSEUM is located at Market Square.

PROGRAMS available Tuesdays to Fridays.

COST is $2.50 per student per program, Grades K-12.

PROGRAM start times are at 9:30, 11:00 and 12:30.

PROGRAMS last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

PROGRAMS can be modified to suit all age and grade levels, except where noted.

LUNCHROOM facilities may be reserved at time of booking.

AT LEAST one museum interpreter is assigned to your class, however, if classes arrive more than 15 minutes after their scheduled tour start-time, we cannot guarantee that a museum interpreter will be available to your class.

CANCELLATIONS less than two weeks in advance are subject to a cancellation fee.