Celebrate a Birthday at the New Brunswick Museum!

With current COVID-19 pandemic, we have paused private events.

We offer unique birthday party opportunities for all ages. Birthday parties are booked for two hours. The first 45-60 minutes is a program with a Museum interpreter. The interpreter will explore a gallery with the children and offer a guided adventure! For the rest of the time a room is booked for food and presents organized by parents; your guests can also enjoy exploring the galleries.

A Pirate’s Life

Prepare to walk the plank as museum galleries come to life with stories of exhilarating ocean adventures, bountiful buried treasure, and real local pirates! (ages 5-7)

Ocean Patrol

Uh Oh! There’s trouble lurking in the waters of the Bay of Fundy! Explore the Hall of Great Whales and find out what kinds of animals live here while discovering what puts them at risk and what you can do to help! (ages 5-7)

Night at the Museum

What happens when night falls at the New Brunswick Museum? Make sure our collections stay safe and sound as you make your rounds through the galleries as part of our new security team! (ages 7-9)

Stonehammer Rocks!

Take a trip through geologic time to see how life in New Brunswick would have looked millions and billions of years ago! (ages 7-9)

Museum Mysteries

Gather clues and piece them all together to better understand the following museum mysteries! Can you solve the case in time? (ages 9-12)

  • A Whale of a Crime – With the entire ocean as a crime scene, do you have what it takes to figure out what happened to one of its most famous whales?
  • The Case of the Missing Mastodon – A young mastodon went out one day and never returned… What could have happened to such a massive creature?
  • Lost at Sea! – Your job is to track down a missing sailor using clues he’s left behind from all over the world!
  • The Great Saint John Art Heist – Rival art schools in Saint John led to some pretty fierce competition, but when works of art are stolen from each, who could be to blame?
Birthday parties

Party Planning

Cost: Price $13 per participant, max 15 participants (Birthday Child and two chaperones are free).

Includes 1-hour interpreter led program and 1-hour room rental for you to host your party.

Reservations: Please book two weeks in advance. To book a party please call (506) 643-2349 or 1-888-268-9595.

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