21 December 2015

Uncertain Future Surrounds New Brunswick Museum's Collections Centre


The New Brunswick Museum Board providing an update to Common Council concerning the status of its facilities here in Saint John.

CEO Jane Fullerton says the board wants the public to have a say on the future of the Museum's Collections Centre on Douglas Avenue in terms of building a new site elsewhere or tearing down the existing building on Douglas Avenue and replacing it with a new building.

She says a new building would cost roughly $46 million dollars.

Fullerton says a final plan needs to put in place before any funding is secured by the provincial and federal government.

Councillor Susan Fullerton says the museum board and the province need to take leadership on this and make up their minds, move forward and make their best decision.

Deputy Mayor Shelley Rinehart says the decision should be a strategic one.

She says the final decision should come down to where you would get the most value for money and what would serve the purpose the best.

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