The New Brunswick Museum hosts the Board of Directors of the Alliance of Natural History Museums of Canada

The New Brunswick Museum (NBM) is pleased to host the Board of Directors of the Alliance of Natural History Museums of Canada (ANHMC) for their autumn meeting, taking place October 15-17 in Saint John.

The ANHMC is a national network of natural history museums and similar institutions dedicated to the preservation and understanding of Canada’s natural heritage and the enhancement of the benefits museums provide to the people of Canada.  The NBM is one of the original founding members of the ANHMC and continues to serve on the ANHMC Board of Directors. Through the ANHMC, the NBM is actively involved in collaborative natural history projects across Canada.

A recent such project, involving the NBM in collaboration with other ANHMC members has seen the production of a national travelling exhibition entitled “MUSEUMS’ CHOICE: FOSSIL FAVOURITES FROM ACROSS CANADA” MARKING CANADA’S 150TH.  The Royal British Columbia Museum has been responsible for the design and construction of the exhibition and the Canadian Museum of Nature will be responsible for the scheduling and touring of the exhibition. The exhibition recently opened at the Royal British Columbia Museum and will be presented at ANHMC member museums across Canada over the next three years. It features some of the network’s most impressive and significant fossils and fossil replicas from various regions across Canada.  Footprints from an extinct, giant millipede from the New Brunswick Museum collection are a notable part of this uinque traveling exhibition.

Bill Hicks, NBM CEO, notes that since the establishement of the ANHMC in 2002 that the organization has played a pivotal role in opening communication between natural history museums across Canada.   “Most of us simply don’t realize how important and far-reaching the contributions of natural history museums have been, and continue to be, to society. The history of life, climate change, biodiversity conservation, all of these are topics of intense public interest and even government policy concern. Natural history museums, including the New Brunswick Museum, are deeply involved in each of these areas and more” said Mr. Hicks.

On Monday, October 16 from 5:30-6pm the NBM invites the public to join in welcoming the ANHMC Board of Directors for an evening reception in the Hall of Great Whales, and to celebrate the presentation of the annual ANHMC Bruce Naylor Award.  This award is given annually to an individual or individuals in recognition of achievements of national or international significance in the field of natural history in Canada.  The NBM’s Research Curator of Botany and Mycology, Dr. Stephen Clayden was last year’s Bruce Naylor Award recipient.

The NBM wishes the ANHMC Board of Directors a successful meeting and looks forward to continued collaboration with our partner natural history museums across Canada.

For the October 16 evening reception, please RSVP by email at, by calling 643-2349 or 1-888-268-9595.

For more information:
Caitlin Griffiths or Aristi Dsilva, Communications & Marketing, New Brunswick Museum
(506) 654-7059 or (506) 643-2358

Elizabeth McCrea, Chief Administrative Officer
Alliance of Natural History Museums of Canada
(613) 410-1199