Tales of Fantasy: Our Myths and Legends at the New Brunswick Museum

The New Brunswick Museum is pleased to host the exhibition Tales of Fantasy: Our Myths and Legends, produced by the Corporation culturelle de Shawinigan (Culture Shawinigan) and organized by the Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum, from May 17 to September 2, 2019.  All are welcome to attend the free exhibition opening on Thursday, May 16, from 5 to 7 pm! 

Tales of Fantasy: Our Myths and Legends dives at the heart of legends and myths, through stories captured from the Quebec, Canadian and Indigenous heritage.  As the first mean of literacy for the people, legends have been created at first, to be told orally. Transmitted from one teller to another, they travel and evolve as time goes by. Over the past few years, storytellers, authors and musicians have contributed to the revival of oral traditions. They are bringing back to life a whole spectrum of our cultural heritage.  This now allows these forgotten legends and myths of our nations to come back to life and be recognized.

Visitors will be able to leave reality for a moment to explore uncharted territories created by the various storyteller imagination.  This exhibition will focus on a world inhabited by weird and scary creatures, strange phenomenon and characters with strange magical powers. They will discover the rich delights of tales and legends from the Mauricie region, including the work of well-known personalities from this area such as author Bryan Perro and storyteller Fred Pellerin.

“The exhibition is very imaginative and interactive, it is ideal for the family. It portrays a common background of legends that we all share as Canadians. It will be most interesting to explore the similarities between our local stories and those exhibited,” says Dominique Gélinas, Head of Exhibitions and Visitor Experience.

Tales of Fantasy: Myths and Legends was made possible with the financial support from the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Museums Assistance Program, from the Department of Culture, Communications, and the Status of Women of Quebec, and from the City of Shawinigan.

For more information:

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New Brunswick Museum
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