An Update on the Work of the Museum

The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture is currently working with the board, staff and management of the New Brunswick Museum to identify a permanent location in Saint John for a revitalized New Brunswick Museum.
This process is proceeding deliberately with the technical input from staff at the New Brunswick Museum, supported by relevant Government of New Brunswick departments to ensure the proposed solution meets contemporary museological and curatorial standards while providing a dynamic and engaging experience to visitors.
While this work proceeds, we are pleased to share that the New Brunswick Museum Boutique in Market Square will reopen on April 5 and operate Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
We are also happy to announce that a free exhibition will be opening at the Market Square New Brunswick Museum Exhibition Center from April 9 until May 14. The exhibition produced by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and presented at the New Brunswick Museum entitled “Peter Powning: A Retrospective” presents key works from the career of this acclaimed Canadian artist.
The New Brunswick Museum Library and Archives have reopened to the public by appointment. Anyone wishing to visit can reach out directly to the staff of Library and Archives to schedule a visit.
While the decisions regarding the permanent location in Saint John for the New Brunswick Museum are being considered, staff are in the process of documenting and preparing the collection for the moves which will be required regardless of whether the final concept is for the revitalization of existing facilities or the construction of new facilities.
Many of the exhibitions at the Market Square location have been in place for more than 30 years. Staff are also working on a concept to tell the story of what New Brunswick is now in a much more interactive and engaging manner with direct input and guidance from New Brunswick Indigenous Nations and other New Brunswick descendant communities. We look forward to sharing the plan for a revitalized New Brunswick Museum in the future.