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Cape Enrage Transcript


Dr. Randall Miller, Research Curator, Geology and Palaeontology, New Brunswick Museum

It’s a lovely foggy day on the Bay of Fundy here at Cape Enrage. We’re looking at sandstones of the Boss Point Formation. These are Upper Carboniferous rocks about 318 million years, give or take a little. The Boss Point Formation rocks are typically coarse sandstone, don’t have a lot of very fine fossils in them, but they do have a lot of macrofossils in them. In this case there are lots of stems of trees called Cordaites, an early conifer like plant, and also Calamites, giant horsetails.

Some of the Boss Point Formation was probably laid down in fast flowing rivers so you see a lot of trees and logs rolling down the streams in deposits here, in some places it looks like you have log jams, you’ve got multiple trunks of trees all sort of stacked up on top of each other [23sec] and it looks like there were probably lots of trees rolling down in these fast flowing streams.