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Reversing Rapids Terranes Transcript


Dr. Randall Miller, Research Curator, Geology and Palaeontology, New Brunswick Museum

At the Reversing Falls in Saint John is where we get a good view of the terrane contact between the Precambrian terrane of Ganderia or Brookville Terrane which is on the north side, those grey marbles, and on the south side of the bridge the Avalon Terrane, or locally known as the Caledonia Terrane, which are about 500 million years old. The rocks on the south side of the bridge have trilobites and brachiopods, rocks on the north side of the bridge, the marbles, have stromatolites.

There is a fault line that separates the two terranes formed in the, probably in the Carboniferous. The fault line called the Caledonia Fault, runs about from where we’re standing, across the river and hits the shoreline on the other side between the two bridges.