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Early Land Plants Transcript


I’ve always been really interested in what the earliest plants were like and how they relate to living forms, and this is one of the very best places in the world to come and collect fossils that will give us that kind of information. The plants are very abundant and they are extremely well preserved. We’ve found a lot of very early plants here. One thing is that they differ from modern ones mostly by lacking any leaves.

So what we find are stems, and we find their little reproductive bodies. And they have different kinds of architecture so we can tell different taxa apart, and we find there is actually a pretty good diversity of early plants that are represented in this deposit.

So let’s see if I can find some more.

There it’s starting to show up again.

Now this one has… there are many, many stems that have been preserved in the rock. They seem to be lined up, this might be due actually to the action of currents when they were being deposited. They have little tiny spines all over the sides of them and I can recognize this as a genus that we find in several parts of the world called Sawdonia.