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Hanford Brook Transcript


Dr. Ed Landing, State Paleontologist, New York State Museum

Well bringing these people to Hanford Brook it’s really a name that appears through all of the scientific literature. When Matthew had worked on this stuff, Matthew and his son had worked on this stuff, in the 1800s it quickly became known worldwide that there were these well preserved trilobite faunas here and they were really very similar, most similar to those in southern Britain, and you know the stuff that George Frederic Matthew wrote is going to be there forever in the scientific literature. And we ended up, Steve Westrop from Brock University and I, we came to this place because of what George Frederic Matthew had written in 1905, and he had put together a pretty good section of rocks that helps you find things. And really my own experience with Matthew is that he wasn’t trained as a geologist, but he learned really quickly and you can go to his stuff, and you can go to Long Island, or a little place Agnotus Cove  also on Long Island north of Saint John, New Brunswick, and he’s got it all accurately figured, all accurately described and it’s for the time and even still, I’d say, he’s doing better geology than modern day geologists.