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Trace Fossil: Neonereites uniserialis Seilacher


Triple colour image of brown rock winding trails and marks, drawing of worm-like animal, and close up of trails and marks
Trace Fossil: Neonereites uniserialis Seilacher. Silurian. Siegas, New Brunswick. Collector: R.K. Pickerill, c. 1980. New Brunswick Museum (NBMG 4020). Image width (left) 14 cm; Image width (right) 2 cm. The Siegas Formation is thought to represent a ‘turbidite’ sequence, essentially an underwater avalanche into a submarine canyon. Trace fossils are tracks, trails and burrows left by animals and in these deeper ocean sediments are sometimes the only fossils found. Neonereites may be feeding trail left by an animal grazing the sediment surface. The regular ‘dot’ pattern may be from deposit of fecal pellets.