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Eurypterid: Acutiramus Ruedemann


Double colour image of black rock with gray imprint of animal and drawing of caterpillar-like animal
Eurypterid: Acutiramus Ruedemann. Silurian. Nerepis, New Brunswick. Collector: G.F. Matthew, c. 1885. New Brunswick Museum (NBMG 3000). Image width (left) 3 cm. Matthew originally identified this fossil specimen as the body of a crab like animal. Further study has concluded it is actually a small plate called a coxa, from the underside of a large eurypterid. Eurypterids, commonly called sea scorpions, look a bit like a giant lobster. In the Devonian Period some reached lengths great than two metres. Acutiramus represented by this fossil was about half a metre in length.