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Plant: Forania plegiospinosa Jensen and Gensel


Colour image of brown rock with darker brown and lighter brown vertical stripes
Plant: Forania plegiospinosa Jensen and Gensel. Devonian. Dalhousie Junction, New Brunswick. Collector: D. Jensen and P.G. Gensel, 1993. New Brunswick Museum (NBMG 10143). Image width 9 cm. Forania plegiospinosa is a newly described plant found by Doug Jensen and Patricia Gensel. Like all fossils described by palaeontologists it has been given a name based on its features, where it was found, or to recognize the contribution of people to its discovery. The new genus Forania was named in honour of Jack and Carmen Foran, residents of Dalhousie, New Brunswick who had for years been friends and supporters of Dr. Gensel.