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A Circle of Life

Until 8 July 2018: Donald McGraw, originally from Pokemouche, NB, has been working as a representational artist since the early 1970s.  In 2001, he envisioned a group of paintings that would acknowledge the presence and survival of Indigenous people who have inhabited, since time immemorial, this territory now known as New Brunswick.  His meticulous efforts resulted in twelve portraits of Indigenous chiefs from communities around the province.  Throughout his travels on this epic journey, McGraw saw immense pride of identity and gained a deeper understanding of the shared relationships among, people, nature and spirit. This suite of works, A Circle of Life, is McGraw's respectful tribute, as an Acadian, in honour of all the compassion and friendship that has been offered by Indigenous people for more than four centuries.

BENEATH the surface

26 January to 22 April 2018: BENEATH the surface at the New Brunswick Museum. This exhibition is a unique partnership between Craft NB and Parks Canada with generous support of the Province of New Brunswick. This group exhibition, curated by Maegen Black, was inspired by a week-long residency at Fundy National Park.  
A group of artists from across New Brunswick gathered in Fundy National Park in June 2017, to celebrate Canada 150, and immersed themselves in the beauty of Fundy National Park for five days. They were given time and space to develop new ideas as they explored the natural landscapes and investigated the ecological processes that shape and change the natural world. The Craft NB artists’ residency was also a wonderful occasion for the Park to rekindle its relationship with New Brunswick’s fine crafts community. In 1947 in a WWII army hut on the UNB campus in Fredericton, Ivan Crowell, director of handicrafts for the Province of New Brunswick, hosted a game-changing meeting which lead to the inception of the organization now known as Craft NB. Not long after the organization was conceived, and with growing interest and popularity in ‘handicrafts’, a summer craft school was born in Fundy National Park, which later lead to the development of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.
Participating artists’ responses to the residency were varied, as to be expected, and is clearly evident in the breadth of the diverse work selected for this exhibition. And yet, there is an overall interconnectedness reflected among these works.  In the end, three distinctive themes emerged across great divides:  beauty, biology, and emotional response.  This exhibition is not only a reflection of the determined creativity of the artists involved, but it is also a lasting impression of the captivating beauty of Fundy National Park.

On the Trail of the Monarch Butterfly

1 February to 29 April 2018: On the Trail of the Monarch Butterfly is a unique photographic exhibition created by the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico in Canada. Take in this incredible voyage through the intense aerial images taken by cinematographer and ultralight pilot Francisco Gutiérrez as he followed the trail of the monarch butterfly.
In August 2005, Mexican filmmaker and pilot Francisco Gutiérrez took off in his ultralight aircraft from Montreal to follow the monarch butterflies on their 6,000 km migration from Canada to the mountains of central Mexico, in a bid to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the butterflies’ habitat.
In collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum has produced an exhibition from the material recorded by Mr Gutiérrez on his journey aboard the Papalotzin – the nickname of his ultralight aircraft, which means small butterfly in the Aztec language.
On the Trail of the Monarch Butterfly features breathtaking photographs taken by Mr Gutiérrez, as well as the 60-minute movie documentary Papalotzin – The Flight of the Monarch Butterfly. A number of educational activities and crafts are also available to help raise awareness to the conservation issues facing Monarch butterflies.

The Franklin Exploration

On-going: Franklin Museum Network Pop-Up Exhibit – The Franklin Exploration at the New Brunswick Museum.
Led by Parks Canada and the Royal Ontario Museum, the Franklin Exploration Pop-up Exhibit highlights the story of the expedition as well as the discovery of HMS Erebus.  This three year national project will share the story of the Franklin Expedition and its discovery through displays, video and public programmes.
The Franklin Expedition has fascinated generations of Canadians. Last seen entering Baffin Bay in August 1845, the disappearance of the Franklin Expedition’s two ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror remains one of Canada’s greatest mysteries 170 years later. 




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