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12 November 2016 Bat disease treatment a step forward, but not a cure, researcher says (CBC News)
9 September 2016 Bat sightings in Maritimes raise hope for species (Telegraph Journal)
21 March 2016 Research could be last chance for New Brunswick bats on brink of extinction (Telegraph Journal)
19 February 2016 Un signe positif pour la survie des chauves-souris (Radio Canada, in French)
19 December 2015 Bat count on hold while population battles white nose syndrome (CBC News)
29 October 2015 Museum scales back study on deadly bat fungus (CBC News)
29 October 2015 Bat population not out of the woods yet (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
29 May 2015 White-nose syndrome treatment developed for bats in U.S. (Telegraph Journal)
26 May 2015 Hope for bats (CBC Shift - NB)
25 May 2015 Some bats with white-nose syndrome cured by bacteria, scientists say (CBC News)
20 April 2015 White nose syndrome wiping out bat population (Global News)
20 April 2015 New Brunswick’s endangered bats dwindle to about 20 lonely survivors (Telegraph Journal)
9 April 2015 White-Nose Syndrome (CBC Maritimes News, 1:05-7:56)
14 November 2014 Sometimes, even bats need a superhero (Kings County Record)
7 November 2014 How can you help species at risk in New Brunswick (The Bugle-Observer)
6 November 2014 New Brunswick bats at risk of extinction (The Argosy)
23 September 2014 Bat fungus research could contribute to human health (CBC News)
7 August 2014 3 bat species may be listed as at risk (CBC News)
5 February 2014 Dead bats could provide clues about white-nose syndrome (CBC News)
10 November 2013 Bats (Land and Sea)
30 October 2013 Day-flying bats could be sign of deadly fungus, officials say (CBC News)
30 October 2013 Public asked to report sightings of day-flying bats during the winter (Natural Resources)
9 April 2013 Deadly bat fungus will be tracked across Canada (CBC News)
9 February 2013 1st potential case of deadly bat fungus found on P.E.I. (CBC News)
7 June 2012 White-nose syndrome killing Canada’s bats (Arik Ligeti, Canada.com, Technology)
10 April 2012 Deadly bat fungus traced to Europe (Telegraph Journal)
24 January 2012 Shift, CBC Radio (8mb, mp3)
23 January 2012 Devastating fungal disease continues to spread among New Brunswick Bats
5 July 2011 Devastating disease threatens bat population in province (Telegraph Journal)
May/June 2011 Is this goodnight? (Canadian Wildlife) (4mb)
11 May 2011 N.S. brown bats endangered by fungus (CBC)
20 April 2011 Deadly bat disease likely to strike P.E.I. (CBC)
31 March 2011 White-nose syndrome spreads to New Brunswick bats (Bangor Daily News)
30 March 2011 Deadly bat fungus hits N.B. (CBC)
30 March 2011 Mysterious disease decimates province's brown bats (Telegraph Journal)
29 March 2011 Shift, CBC Radio (7mb, mp3)
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