NBM BiotaNB- Nepisiguit

Nepisiguit Protected Natural Area
NBM BiotaNB 2015-16

Media | Artists 2015

The Nepisiguit Protected Natural Area includes 11,895 hectares of rugged, mountainous, heavily forested terrain. Elevations range from 248 – 730 metres. The Nepisiguit PNA contains a significant portion of the headwaters of the Nepisiguit River and it shares its eastern boundary with Mount Carleton Provincial Park. Together the two sites include 29,322 hectares of New Brunswick’s Highlands Ecoregion. Popple Depot, a site with a ranger station, and the nearby Governor’s Wilderness Lodge provided the base of operations for two years of intensive biological survey in this remote PNA.

NBM BiotaNB (formerly NBM Bioblitz) 2015-16 encompassed years 7 and 8 of a program established in 2009, and was the 4th of 10 large PNAs that the New Brunswick Museum’s Centre for Biodiversity Research investigated over the 20 year duration of the project. As in the past, the program brought together biodiversity experts from across North America who spent 14 days intensively surveying a wide diversity of life-forms in these important conservation areas. Along with experts, students and local naturalists also contributed, with most volunteering their time. Data collected will help to inform management plans for these sites and contribute to long-term monitoring across the larger New Brunswick landscape. Specimens collected during NBM BiotaNB 2015-16 have been deposited in the New Brunswick Museum where they are readily accessible to researchers. The NBM BiotaNB programme also provides training opportunities in the biodiversity sciences for students and a public Open House, held in the NBM BiotaNB Field Lab, helps to foster a sense of stewardship in the community surrounding the PNA. The NBM BiotaNB Artist-in-Residence program, established in 2010, produced artworks in 2015-16 that documented the life-forms and landscapes of the Nepisiguit PNA, as well as the researchers engaged in their work.