NBM in the News

1 August 2018 Design unveiled for New Brunswick Museum's proposed 'landmark' exhibition centre (CBC News)
1 August 2018 Designs for the new New Brunswick Museum (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
1 August 2018 New Brunswick Museum unveils preliminary design of new facility (Global News)
31 July 2018 First Look At New Saint John Museum (CHSJ News)
30 June 2018 Le site du Fort Latour mis en valeur (Radio Canada, in French)
21 June 2018 New Brunswickers mark National Indigenous People’s Day (Global News)
18 June 2018 Searching for slime mould and other life near McAdam (CBC News)
18 June 2018 Découvrir une nouvelle espèce par jour au Nouveau-Brunswick (Radio Canada, in French)
14 June 2018 Slime mould and poetry, scientists and artists come together at BiotaNB (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
12 June 2018 Donald McGraw : le cercle de la réconciliation (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
7 June 2018 Pride in New Brunswick: Acadian artist honours First Nations chiefs through art (CBC News)
5 June 2018 Le cercle de vie de Donald McGraw : hommage d'un Acadien aux peuples autochtones (Radio Canada, in French)
2 June 2018 Designing a city (Telegraph Journal)
1 June 2018 Canadian architects view Saint John buildings after the Great Fire of 1877 (Global News)
31 May 2018 Saint John’s Architecture Gets Celebrated With New Brunswick Museum Exhibit (The East)
23 May 2018 'Showy' pink lady bug found inside the province (CBC News)
14 May 2018 NB Museum provides guide to salvage precious items from the flood (Telegraph Journal)
24 April 2018 How to ID a faceless sea creature (Telegraph Journal)
19 April 2018 Tri-coloured bat likely extinct in New Brunswick, zoologist says (CBC News)
28 March 2018 Projet de musée virtuel consacré aux tapis hookés (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
23 March 2018 New Brunswick Museum Receives Donation Of $20,000 From The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation (The East)
14 March 2018 Bug diet of birds has dramatically declined in quality, researchers find (CBC News)
8 March 2018 Turkey vultures have moved in to N.B. to stay: Expert (Telegraph Journal)
7 March 2018 'Ultimate scavenger' turkey vulture may be N.B.'s newest permanent species (CBC News)
24 February 2018 Province is ‘absolutely squanchy’ for Sasquatch (Telegraph Journal)
23 February 2018 Location unveiled for new museum (Telegraph Journal)
22 February 2018 New home for New Brunswick Museum to further uptown renewal: mayor (CBC News)
22 February 2018 New Brunswick purchases property for new museum in uptown Saint John (Global News)
22 February 2018 N.B. Museum moving to Saint John’s former Coast Guard property (CTV Atlantic News)
22 February 2018 New Museum Will Be Constructed in Saint John On Former Coast Guard Site (Huddle)
22 February 2018 New N.B. Museum To Be Built On Former Coast Guard Property (CHSJ News)
22 February 2018 New home for New Brunswick Museum will be old Coast Guard site in Saint John (CBC News)
22 February 2018 Snowy owl electrocuted mid-flight by Saint John power lines (CBC News)
25 January 2018 Art Expo celebrates N.B. beauty (CTV Atlantic News)
9 January 2018 N.B. fossil of ancient tree is believed to be more than 350 million years old (Telegraph Journal)
7 November 2017 Where ancient rocks and the world's highest tides meet the Atlantic (National Post)
1 November 2017 Stonehammer Park scratches surface of Earth’s history (thestar.com)
31 October 2017 Search for Saint John museum (CTV Atlantic News)
31 October 2017 NEW DIGS FOR THE NEW BRUNSWICK MUSEUM (Telegraph Journal)
31 October 2017 The New Brunswick Museum gets funding for a new home (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
31 October 2017 Dominique Gélinas, passionate about museums (Telegraph Journal)
30 October 2017 50 millions $ pour le Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick (Radio Canada, in French)
30 October 2017 N.B. government commits $50M towards new provincial museum in Saint John (CTV Atlantic News)
30 October 2017 New Brunswick commits $50 million to new provincial museum in Saint John (Global News)
18 October 2017 Saint-Jean: le Faubourg vendu à des investisseurs néo-écossais (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
13 October 2017 Caribou comeback: Can the species ever return to N.B.? (CBC News)
10 October 2017 Woodstock artist debuts collection of paintings (Bugle-Observer)
7 October 2017 Maggie Higgins, multimedia artist (Telegraph Journal)
6 October 2017 Multidimensional Landscapes Call For Conservation – The Paintings of Michael McEwing (The East)
4 October 2017 Conservation on Canvas (CBC Shift)
30 September 2017 Favourite fossils unearthed for travelling museum exhibit (Times Colonist)
22 September 2017 Infamous Bricklin sports car shifting gears from fiasco to tourist attraction (Telegraph Journal)
20 September 2017 Pipeline ‘at a bad spot right now,’ Premier says (Telegraph Journal)
16 September 2017 Conservation on Canvas (Telegraph Journal)
9 September 2017 OUR NEW BRUNS-WEEK ROAD TRIP (The Scottish Sun)
6 October 2017 Dominique Gélinas, une passionnée des musées (ARCF de Saint-Jean, in French)
3 September 2017 96-year-old ties centuries of history in her rugs (Telegraph Journal)
2 September 2017 The 150 year story: Wiggins’ Home for Boys takes a new direction (Telegraph Journal)
31 August 2017 Art Talk: Tell me a Story: The art of documentation (Times & Transcript)
28 August 2017 John Leroux: Celebrating history through art: 1967 - New Brunswick's Centennial Building Mural. Architect and historian John Leroux is the author of the new book, created with the backing of the New Brunswick Museum. (CBC Shift)
25 August 2017 Watch the interview of Peter Larocque, NBM Curator: 26:25 – 27:44 (CBC News)
21 August 2017 No stone unturned: Biota NB uncovers new species (CBC News)
4 August 2017 New Brunswick Museum CEO announces departure — with word of caution to successor (CBC News)
4 August 2017 Longtime New Brunswick Museum CEO moves on (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
4 August 2017 N.B. Museum CEO announces retirement (Telegraph Journal)
22 July 2017 Artist to slice onions for hours on end as part of art night (Telegraph Journal)
18 July 2017 A long-forgotten tale: Paddler on Centennial racing canoe wants it on show (CBC News)
13 July 2017 ‘Shocked’ by large snapping turtle find (Telegraph Journal)
10 July 2017 ‘There’s no place like it on earth’ author says of Bay of Fundy (Times & Transcript)
6 July 2017 Expert hoping for bat population recovery (Telegraph Journal)
6 July 2017 Bear house? Lumber camp? Experts ponder origins of N.B.'s 'lunch box graveyard' (CBC News)
3 July 2017 Archival material tells a fiery story of Confederation (Telegraph Journal)
3 July 2017 Think you know New Brunswick? Take our quiz. (Telegraph Journal)
1 July 2017 Fishhooks and pets threaten Rockwood Park turtles (Telegraph Journal)
26 June 2017 How N.B. has helped shape the country (Telegraph Journal)
23 June 2017 How did the turtle cross the road? Hanging by its tail (The Daily Gleaner)
21 June 2017 Free entry to N.B. Museum for National Aboriginal Day (Telegraph Journal)
20 June 2017 THE FIRE THAT CHANGED SAINT JOHN (Telegraph Journal)
20 June 2017 A full house on hand for AX’s inaugural art exhibit (Kings County Record)
8 June 2017 Arts organization to open doors at its new home (Kings County Record)
7 June 2017 Opinion: Warning signs for our natural world (Vancouver Sun)
7 June 2017 Province needs to promote 'E-ticket,' says tourism panel (Telegraph Journal)
3 June 2017 Fireworks, skateboarding, film workshop to take over Saint John’s Canada 150 (Telegraph Journal)
29 May 2017 Two Kings County artists team up for vibrant new children’s book (Telegraph Journal)
25 May 2017 Debris Collected During Harbour Passage Cleanup To Be Recorded (CHSJ News)
25 May 2017 THERE’S SO MUCH TO SEE IN THIS PROVINCE OF OURS (Times & Transcript)
14 May 2017 The Blue Whale of East Berlin (Herald News)
12 May 2017 Des scientifiques étudient une carcasse de baleine bleue en Nouvelle-Écosse (Radio Canada, in French)
12 May 2017 Scientists slice open dead blue whale on Nova Scotia's South Shore (CBC News)
12 May 2017 Surgical examination of blue whale gruelling, exhausting, and to some, disgusting work (Herald News - QUEENS COUNTY ADVANCE)
11 May 2017 Pizza shop workers rescue beaver from traffic (Telegraph Journal)
9 May 2017 Gallery hops aim to make art accessible (Telegraph Journal)
8 May 2017 More goose eggs collected to prevent bird-car collisions (Times & Transcript)
6 May 2017 New bug uncovered in province (Telegraph Journal)
4 May 2017 Fundy Rose adds ‘significant growth’ to ferry line (Telegraph Journal)
2 May 2017 Maine-NB cultural task force meets with public (Telegraph Journal)
23 April 2017 Les oies de Moncton dans la ligne de mire du gouvernement provincial (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
22 April 2017 About 80 Goose eggs collected to prevent bird-vehicle collisions (Telegraph Journal)
22 April 2017 Canadian museum studies rare all-black bobcat (Earth Touch)
21 April 2017 'The perfect storm': Goose eggs removed from traffic circle as collision numbers soar (CBC News)
21 April 2017 Dozens of goose eggs collected as nesting geese cause traffic troubles in Dieppe (CTV Atlantic News)
21 April 2017 Des mesures pour éloigner les bernaches de Moncton (Radio Canada, in French)
20 April 2017 Granite for Titanic victims’ gravestones came from New Brunswick: geologist (Telegraph Journal)
12 April 2017 Suzanne Hill’s Art of Isolation (Canadian Art)
12 April 2017 Ask Resurgo Place - The story of Brook Watson (CBC Information Morning Moncton)
11 April 2017 FLESH-EATING BUGS DO THEIR JOB AND THEN SOME (Telegraph Journal)
7 April 2017 Ballistic flower vase, shrapnel-pierced rifle among Vimy artifacts in N.B. exhibit (CBC News)
6 April 2017 A tribute to Vimy (CTV Atlantic News)
25 March 2017 Barry Lord – the consummate curator (Telegraph Journal)
17 March 2017 A Century of Science. Watch the interview: 37:21 - 41:13 (CTV Atlantic News)
16 March 2017 Saint John's hidden history (CTV Atlantic News)
13 March 2017 Field lab research is currently on display at open house (Telegraph Journal)
10 March 2017 Museum holding field lab open house (Telegraph Journal)
9 March 2017 Biota NB open house (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
6 March 2017 Six Kid-Friendly Things to Do in New Brunswick Over March Break (Huddle)
6 March 2017 Salt painting? 3D printing? March Break bonanza for kids (Telegraph Journal)
4 March 2017 As time goes by (Telegraph Journal)
3 March 2017 New Brunswick Museum serves up art on a platter - literally (CBC News)
25 February 2017 Illegal aliens’ ruffle feathers in border town (Telegraph Journal)
22 February 2017 Fonds du 150e du Canada: un immeuble de bureaux plutôt qu’un musée (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
22 February 2017 Tories question birthday spending (Telegraph Journal)
22 February 2017 Dr. Louise Manny highlighted for Heritage Week (Miramichi Leader)
21 February 2017 Centennial Building's inclusion as Canada 150 project challenged. Saint John MLA says New Brunswick Museum has more national significance and needs money just as badly (CBC News)
21 February 2017 New Brunswick Tourism Department still undecided on Canada 150 spending (Global News)
18 February 2017 Viewing from home: Treasures in museums (Telegraph Journal)
11 February 2017 Q&A with artist Suzanne Hill (Telegraph Journal)
11 February 2017 Bobcat trapped last year to remain in New Brunswick (Telegraph Journal)
10 February 2017 Rare black bobcat donated to New Brunswick Museum for study (CBC News)
14 January 2017 Cougar skulls, skin, and DNA: A history of the big cat in New Brunswick (CBC News)
14 January 2017 Cat’s out of the bag: no recent cougar sightings in province (Telegraph Journal)
12 January 2017 Science has spoken on New Brunswick's great cougar debate (CBC News)
2 January 2017 Folksong festival focus of book to be released for event’s 60th anniversary (Miramichi Leader)
29 December 2016 Prevalence of black bobcats in New Brunswick puzzles biologist (CBC News)
29 December 2016 Rare black bobcat just third such animal found in province, museum record show (Times & Transcript)
28 December 2016 Black bobcat snared in N.B., only 12th ever recorded in North America (CBC News)
19 December 2016 Two Harbour Passage murals to be used as educational tools (Telegraph Journal)
18 December 2016 The eastern cougar: Legend, science and controversy (The Chronicle Herald - The Novascotian)
17 December 2016 From the ground up: New Brunswick mats hold a hooked history (Telegraph Journal)
17 December 2016 The Curator: A year in review through art (Telegraph Journal)
9 December 2016 Uncovering fascinating yuletide artifacts (CTV Atlantic News)
6 December 2016 NB MUSEUM CURATOR WINS AWARD (Ossekeag Publishing - The Tides)
15 November 2016 Louise Imbeault décorée de l’Ordre de Moncton (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
12 November 2016 Bat disease treatment a step forward, but not a cure, researcher says (CBC News)
7 November 2016 Benedict Arnold’s Connection to the Maritimes (CTV Atlantic News)
1 November 2016 Stephen Clayden, récipiendaire du prix Bruce Naylor 2016 (Radio Canada - L' heure de pointe Acadie, in French)
31 October 2016 Le patrimoine des tapis hookés du N.-B. documenté (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
29 October 2016 Researcher’s work earns him national recognition (Telegraph Journal)
29 October 2016 Busting myths on owning heritage building (Telegraph Journal)
24 October 2016 Samples from possible cougar sighting tested in city for first time (Telegraph Journal)
21 October 2016 Possible cougar DNA samples collected since 2003 to finally be tested (CBC News)
21 October 2016 Elusive eastern cougar spotted again (CBC Information Morning Fredericton)
21 October 2016 Des analyses d'ADN pour déterminer si le cougar est présent au N.-B. (Radio Canada, in French)
21 October 2016 Is a cougar living close to one N.B. community? (The Daily Gleaner)
19 October 2016 Possible cougar sightings near Tracy have residents rattled (CBC News)
13 October 2016 Une éblouissante « robe de verre » conservée au Musée du N.-B. (Radio Canada, in French)
13 October 2016 Cutting edge-fashion: N.B. Museum preserves rare gown made of glass (CBC News)
12 October 2016 Rare glass fibre dress at New Brunswick Museum (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
3 October 2016 History of death and mourning in Acadia (CTV Atlantic News)
29 September 2016 Bronze museum plaques a ‘total write-off,’ suspect enters plea to single charge (Telegraph Journal)
29 September 2016 Accused in bronze museum plaque theft enters plea (The Daily Gleaner)
28 September 2016 Man pleads guilty in New Brunswick Museum plaque theft case (CBC News)
27 September 2016 Friends, family hope ex-historian’s work can go on (Telegraph Journal)
14 September 2016 Acadian funeral rites, mourning explored at New Brunswick Museum (CBC News)
10 September 2016 Hair samples to determine if cougar sighting genuine (Telegraph Journal)
9 September 2016 Cougar sighting, Dry wells feedback, Naming public spaces. Listen to the interview of Donald McAlpine, NBM Curator. (CBC Maritime Noon)
9 September 2016 Bat sightings in Maritimes raise hope for species (Telegraph Journal)
6 September 2016 BiotaNB: Art Meets Science In The Deep Woods Of New Brunswick (The East)
30 August 2016 Marie Hélène Allain : laisser sa marque dans la pierre pour toujours 1re partie. Listen to the interview of Marie Hélène Allain. (Radio Canada - Format libre, in French)
30 August 2016 Marie Hélène Allain : laisser sa marque dans la pierre pour toujours 2e partie. Listen to the interview of Marie Hélène Allain. (Radio Canada - Format libre, in French)
30 August 2016 Marie Hélène Allain : laisser sa marque dans la pierre pour toujours 3e partie. Listen to the interview of Marie Hélène Allain. (Radio Canada - Format libre, in French)
27 August 2016 Research reveals cannibalistic sharks once prowled Minto waters (Telegraph Journal)
27 August 2016 Order of Brunswick for province’s first geologist (Telegraph Journal)
25 August 2016 BioBlitz finds new species of slime molds, fungi and lichen (CBC News)
25 August 2016 Don McAlpine - Bio Blitz. We hear about the New Brunswick Museum's bio blitz. (CBC Information Morning Fredericton)
25 August 2016 NB Museum's bio-blitz. Don McAlpine is the research chair of zoology at the New Brunswick Museum. (CBC Information Morning Moncton)
24 August 2016 Condition of stolen plaques unknown, says New Brunswick Museum CEO (Telegraph Journal)
19 August 2016 Police Arrest Two In The Stolen Plaque Case At The NB Museum (CHSJ News)
19 August 2016 Arrests made in case of missing plaques (Telegraph Journal)
16 August 2016 Saint John art galleries gear up for gallery hop (Telegraph Journal)
15 August 2016 Celebrate Acadie with pride aplenty (Telegraph Journal)
15 August 2016 Quatorze endroits où célébrer la Fête nationale des Acadiens (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
13 August 2016 Célébrations de la Fête nationale de l’Acadie à Saint-Jean (Telegraph Journal, in French)
13 August 2016 Acadia Day celebrations planned in Saint John (Telegraph Journal)
4 August 2016 Dr. Abraham Gesner is inducted into the order of NB. Listen to the interview of Randall Miller, NBM Curator. (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
3 August 2016 Stealing plaques from the NBM (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
3 August 2016 Plaques stolen off wall of museum (Telegraph Journal)
2 August 2016 Vol de plaques commémoratives au Musée du N.-B. (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
2 August 2016 Des plaques historiques de bronze volées au Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick (Radio Canada, in French)
2 August 2016 Heavy bronze plaques stolen from New Brunswick Museum (CBC News)
2 August 2016 Saint John Police Investigating Theft Of Plaques From New Brunswick Museum (CHSJ News & 97.3 The Wave)
2 August 2016 Theft and some vandalism at the New Brunswick Museum (CTV Atlantic News- 21:48-22:26)
29 July 2016 Rare, mutated frog hops into Havelock pond (Telegraph Journal)
25 July 2016 New Brunswick Museum exhibit highlights history of nursing (CTV Atlantic News)
25 July 2016 New Brunswick Museum exhibit highlights the history of nurses (CTV Atlantic News)
19 July 2016 Museum exhibition celebrates 100 years of nursing (Telegraph Journal)
16 July 2016 Grand Lake bioblitz film catches attention of UN secretariat (CBC News)
15 July 2016 Lloyd Salomone - BioBlitz Doc. Terry talks to the producer of a documentary about the New Brunswick Museum's bioblitz in the Grand Lake protection area. (CBC Information Morning Fredericton)
15 July 2016 Biodiversity in N.B. explored in new documentary (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
14 July 2016 Give museum recognition it deserves (Telegraph Journal)
12 July 2016 Future of museum is uncertain, says city councillor (Telegraph Journal)
12 July 2016 Province gives $530,000 for environmental projects (Telegraph Journal)
30 June 2016 Rare Sowerby’s Beaked Whale washes up in New Brunswick (Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative)
23 June 2016 Exposition sur l'histoire du métier d'infirmière au Nouveau-Brunswick. Listen to the interview of Stephen Mott, NBM public programmer : 2:33:40 – 2:39:52 (Radio Canada - Le réveil, in French)
21 June 2016 Nursing milestone marked at New Brunswick Museum (CBC News)
20 June 2016 Sowerby's beaked whale carcass being studied by New Brunswick Museum (CBC News)
20 June 2016 Sculptor Marie Allain exhibit featured at New Brunswick Museum (CBC News)
20 June 2016 Dead whale in Restigouche River likely deep-water, North Atlantic species (Telegraph Journal)
20 June 2016 Final Journey of a Sowerby’s Beaked Whale (Whales Online, en anglais)
18 June 2016 Une baleine peu commune s’échoue à Campbellton (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
15 June 2016 Saint John requires united tourism strategy (Telegraph Journal)
1 June 2016 Exhibition highlights behind-the-scenes efforts (Telegraph Journal)
20 May 2016 Watch the interview of Peter Larocque, NBM Curator: 10:57 - 12:44 (CBC News)
19 May 2016 Rare 18th Century plate donated to museum (CBC Shift)
17 May 2016 James Taylor live at Harbour Station (Telegraph Journal)
16 May 2016 In episode 15, studio tour host Matt Brown visits the studio of stone sculptor Marie Hélène Allain. 7:05 – 14:45 quote from Peter Larocque, NB Museum Curator of NB Cultural History & Art, followed by Marie Hélène Allain’s installation, Imagerie de l’héritière, at the NB Museum until 30 October, 2016. (Bell Alaint - Studio Tour)
12 May 2016 Saint John fire folklore. Watch interview of Gary Hughes, NBM Curator : 1:30 – 1:41 (CTV Atlantic News)
7 May 2016 Le plus important incendie de l’histoire du pays aurait eu lieu au Nouveau - Brunswick (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
2 May 2016 Lichens and the man who loves them (Telegraph Journal)
28 April 2016 Imagerie de l’héritière, une nouvelle exposition de Marie Hélène Allain (L'Étoile, in French)
20 April 2016 Franklin Exploration Pop-Up Exhibit at the NBM - Watch the interview of Stephen Mott, NBM public programmer : 11:00 - 12:56 (CBC News)
15 April 2016 Rockwood Park's history told through century-old photos, documents (CBC News)
15 April 2016 Saint John researchers discover new fungus in province’s cedar swamps (Telegraph Journal)
15 April 2016 Saint John’s Ann-Marie Tingley given national volunteering award (Telegraph Journal)
13 April 2016 Scientists search for new species (CTV Atlantic News)
8 April 2016 Le bel héritage de Marie-Hélène Allain (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
7 April 2016 Watch the interview of Marie Hélène Allain, and NBM Curator, Peter Larocque: 32:51 – 35:22 (Radio Canada, in French)
4 April 2016 Listen to the interview of Marie Hélène Allain : 29:09 – 46:18 (Radio Canada - Le réveil, in French)
28 March 2016 Museum needs a bigger renewal plan (Telegraph Journal)
26 March 2016 A walk in our wilderness (Salon, Telegraph Journal)
24 March 2016 City has to get in line for federal money (Telegraph Journal)
23 March 2016 Exploring the mystery surrounding the Franklin Expedition (CTV Atlantic News)
23 March 2016 The New Brunswick Museum Unveils Its Franklin Exploration Exhibit (CHSJ News)
23 March 2016 Un métier pas banal: archéologue sub-aquatique (Radio Canada – L'heure de pointe Acadie, in French)
23 March 2016 Listen to the interview - Rencontre avec l'archéologue sub-aquatique Charles Dagneau (Radio Canada - L'heure de pointe Acadie, in French)
23 March 2016 The discovery of the HMS Erebus (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
23 March 2016 National Franklin Expedition exhibit makes home in New Brunswick Museum (Telegraph Journal)
23 March 2016 Council directs mayor to send letter in support of museum (Telegraph Journal)
21 March 2016 Letter could help in quest to find a home, museum CEO says (Telegraph Journal)
21 March 2016 Research could be last chance for New Brunswick bats on brink of extinction (Telegraph Journal)
7 March 2016 N.B. kids have fun at March Break camps (CTV Atlantic News)
7 March 2016 Exhibition highlights work of retired art conservationist (Telegraph Journal)
7 March 2016 The mysterious death of a deep diver lost in shallow waters (Telegraph Journal)
7 March 2016 March break at the museum (Telegraph Journal)
5 March 2016 School’s out for March Break (Telegraph Journal)
1 March 2016 New Brunswick Museum newly-restored works on display (CBC News)
1 March 2016 New Brunswick - March 01, 2016. Watch interview of Peter Larocque, NBM Curator - 24:08 - 26:10 (CBC News)
1 March 2016 Walrus skull from end of ice age found in Bay of Fundy (Telegraph Journal)
28 February 2016 The Belly of the Whale (onEarth Magazine)
27 February 2016 Une baleine de Cuvier échouée en Nouvelle-Écosse. Listen to interview - 1:11:57 - 1:21:23 (Radio Canada, in French)
25 February 2016 Wrapping Up Black History Month With A Film (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
23 February 2016 Timelapse video shows autopsy of rare Cuvier's beaked whale (Earth Touch)
22 February 2016 New exhibit showcases recently conserved art (CTV Atlantic News)
22 February 2016 Rare orchid find shines light on conservation challenges (Telegraph Journal)
19 February 2016 Un signe positif pour la survie des chauves-souris (Radio Canada, in French)
19 February 2016 Ice age walrus skull pulled from Bay of Fundy (CBC News)
19 February 2016 Des pêcheurs trouvent un crâne de morse de la période glaciaire dans la baie de Fundy (Radio Canada, in French)
18 February 2016 St. Mary’s First Nation to donate 9,000-year-old walrus specimen to New Brunswick Museum (The Daily Gleaner)
18 February 2016 Wine fair teams up with Red Cross (Telegraph Journal)
17 February 2016 Une rarissime baleine à bec de Cuvier trouvée morte en Nouvelle-Écosse (Baleines en direct, in French)
17 February 2016 Découverte d'une baleine à bec de Cuvier en Nouvelle-Écosse (Radio Canada, in French)
16 February 2016 Cuvier's beaked whale found in Atlantic Canadian waters (CBC Shift)
16 February 2016 Cuvier's beaked whale discovered for first time in Maritimes (CBC News)
10 February 2016 A taste of the history of confectionery (CTV Atlantic News)
5 February 2016 Weather warnings issued for southern New Brunswick (The Daily Gleaner)
30 January 2016 Finalists for Éloizes 2016 announced (Times&Transcript)
25 January 2016 Digging into New Brunswick’s ancient past can help our future (Telegraph Journal)
19 January 2016 Relocate museum to Long Wharf (Telegraph Journal)
19 January 2016 Federal funds miss top city priorities (Telegraph Journal)
18 January 2016 Public support growing for new collection, research centre: Museum CEO (Telegraph Journal)
18 January 2016 There’s more to Saint John than meets the eye (Telegraph Journal)
15 January 2016 Museum needs focused attention, support (Telegraph Journal)
8 January 2016 Artifacts found near Saint John museum may be 4,400 years old (CBC News)
8 January 2016 Taking an urban hike in historic Saint John (KV Style)
6 January 2016 Museum hosts heritage crafting evening (Telegraph Journal)
28 December 2015 Lack of funding leaves N.B. Museum's future unclear (CTV Atlantic News)
28 December 2015 Future of N.B. Museum unclear (CTV Atlantic News)
28 December 2015 NB Museum should stay in Saint John (Telegraph Journal)
26 December 2015 Is a facility constellation the answer? (Telegraph Journal)
26 December 2015 Museum needs to communicate vision (Telegraph Journal)
24 December 2015 The New Brunswick Museum is in quite a pickle (Telegraph Journal)
23 December 2015 The Chamber’s member success stories features the New Brunswick Museum for December 2015 (Chamber of Commerce)
22 December 2015 Watch interview about NBM Collections and Research Centre: 7:18 – 8:11 (Global News)
22 December 2015 Council supports museum staying in city (Telegraph Journal)
21 December 2015 Uncertain Future Surrounds New Brunswick Museum's Collections Centre (CHSJ News)
19 December 2015 Bat count on hold while population battles white nose syndrome (CBC News)
17 December 2015 Museum board needs public support (Telegraph Journal)
17 December 2015 All need to show support for museum (Telegraph Journal)
15 December 2015 Museum needs team work, not sniping (Telegraph Journal)
14 December 2015 Le Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick pourrait devoir déménager (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
12 December 2015 Mayor wants museum to stay in Saint John (Telegraph Journal)
11 December 2015 New Brunswick Museum may relocate if new plan isn't found (CBC News)
11 December 2015 Museum and iconic Douglas Avenue building at parting of the ways (Telegraph Journal)
10 December 2015 New Brunswick Museum faces an uncertain future (Global News)
10 December 2015 Another Proposal For Future Of NB Museum's Collections Centre On Douglas Avenue Presented (CHSJ News)
10 December 2015 Museum providing update on building plans (Telegraph Journal)
30 November 2015 Museum hosts Tale of Two Flags talk (Telegraph Journal)
24 November 2015 Great War Airmen studied by UNB researcher (CBC News)
23 November 2015 No need to fear ‘coywolf,’ experts say (Telegraph Journal)
20 November 2015 New Brunswick Museum's new exhibit turns keys into art (CBC News)
20 November 2015 Four Turns of a Key - Watch interview of Peter Larocque, NBM Curator (21:21 – 22:30) (CBC News)
19 November 2015 Stonehammer, Tumbler Ridge geoparks among sites with new UNESCO brand (The Canadian Press)
16 November 2015 In Episode 3 of Season 3, host Matt Brown sits down with Kathryn McCarroll and Peter Larocque to learn about the legacy left behind by artist Tom Smith. (Bell Aliant - Studio Tour TV)
14 November 2015 Retired UMFK professor leaves no stone or branch unturned in lichen hunt (Bangor Daily News)
11 November 2015 Businesses, government offices to close for Remembrance Day (Telegraph Journal)
10 November 2015 Military vehicle collectors keep history running (Daily Gleaner)
7 November 2015 Carol Taylor's Reboot opens NOV. 10 at the Moncton Gallery (Times & Transcript)
7 November 2015 Our role in the war: abroad and at home (Telegraph Journal)
6 November 2015 Bird deaths follow-up - Listen to the interview of Donald McAlpine, NBM Curator: 17:38 – 24:07 (CBC News - As It Happens)
6 November 2015 Canaport LNG Pleads Guilty in Bird Death Case (Telegraph Journal)
5 November 2015 Canaport LNG pleads guilty in bird kill case (CBC News)
30 October 2015 A macabre intersection of art and science at Mount Allison (CBC News)
29 October 2015 Museum scales back study on deadly bat fungus (CBC News)
29 October 2015 Bat population not out of the woods yet (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
27 October 2015 Where are the right whales? (CBC Shift)
27 October 2015 Ghoulish book talk, signing with author (Telegraph Journal)
24 October 2015 Art and science collide in new exhibition (Telegraph Journal)
21 October 2015 Cabinets of Wonder exhibition tells history of collections at Mt. A (Sackville Tribune Post)
19 October 2015 Multi-talented art battle winner lends himself to inspiring others (Telegraph Journal)
18 October 2015 War of 1812 veteran Captain Bradley remembered at Beechwood Cemetery (Stittsvillecentral.ca)
9 October 2015 Coup d'oeil sur la mort au Musée acadien de Moncton (Radio Canada, in French)
9 October 2015 Acadian Museum exhibit explores rituals of death (CBC News)
7 October 2015 Exposition sur la mort et le deuil en Acadie (Radio Canada, in French)
7 October 2015 Mindscapes New Brunswick 2015 (Global News)
6 October 2015 Mindscapes at the NB Museum in Saint John (CBC News)
6 October 2015 Saint John Museum exhibit aims to end mental illness stigma (CBC News)
29 September 2015 Melted metal cleaning raises questions about monument (Telegraph Journal)
25 September 2015 Descendants of iconic right whale spotted near Bay of Fundy (Telegraph Journal)
25 September 2015 Auction acts as tribute to Havelock man’s work (Telegraph Journal)
24 September 2015 Right whale conservation efforts see signs of success (CTV Atlantic News)
23 September 2015 Heritage officials honour Brian Clark as hero for New Brunswick tourism (Telegraph Journal)
22 September 2015 Mother-daughter duo battle mental illness with art (Global News)
21 September 2015 Painter Paul Mathieson to receive Strathbutler (Telegraph Journal)
18 September 2015 Guardians of Fine Art: Exploring the Saint John Art Club (Telegraph Journal)
12 September 2015 A new look for an old art club (Telegraph Journal)
8 September 2015 Documentary makers seek funding for Grand Lake project (The Daily Gleaner)
7 September 2015 Conservatives say they would create $15M fund to match private donations for museums (Telegraph Journal)
4 September 2015 John Corey's collection of collections goes up for auction (CBC News)
4 September 2015 Deux expositions en tournée dans le Nord (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
2 September 2015 Celebrities create mysterious art for GALA-VANT live auction (Telegraph Journal)
29 August 2015 Saint John Jewish Film Festival lineup announced (Telegraph Journal)
28 August 2015 Residents pay homage to local pool (CTV Atlantic News)
24 August 2015 The ghost of the New Brunswick forest (Times & Transcript; Telegraph Journal)
21 August 2015 Naturalist to lead public paddle excursion for turtle research (Telegraph Journal)
19 August 2015 Bouctouche River rare mussel find excites environmentalists (CBC News)
17 August 2015 Museum walk series looks back to First Nations' past (Telegraph Journal)
15 August 2015 FÊTE NATIONALE 2015, SAINT-JEAN (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
14 August 2015 N.B. museum finds historic artifacts in backyard (CTV Atlantic News)
12 August 2015 Une moule rare retrouvée dans la rivière Bouctouche (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
10 August 2015 National Acadian Day celebrations in Saint John (Telegraph Journal)
10 August 2015 Sailing into the past (Telegraph Journal)
28 July 2015 Traffic puts turtles at risk (Times & Transcript, Telegraph Journal)
27 July 2015 First Nations, early settlement artifacts found (Telegraph Journal)
27 July 2015 Museum visits climb in Saint John with summer tourism (Telegraph Journal)
17 July 2015 Cougars could still linger in province (Telegraph Journal)
16 July 2015 Une découverte de plus de 300 ans dans la zone naturelle protégée de Nepisiguit (CKLE FM, in French)
16 July 2015 Deux pins rouges vieux de 300 ans découverts au Nouveau-Brunswick (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
16 July 2015 Watch interview about the discovery of Atlantic Canada’s oldest Red Pines (Global News, 6:16 - 7:14)
16 July 2015 Oldest Red Pines Discovered (CBC Information Morning Saint John)
16 July 2015 300-year-old red pines found in northern New Brunswick (Telegraph Journal)
16 July 2015 Museum helps get Capt. William Frankland’s journal restored (Telegraph Journal)
15 July 2015 Red pines discovered in north are the oldest in Atlantic Canada (CBC News)
15 July 2015 Grand Manan Museum brings historic journal to the island (CBC News)
15 July 2015 Centuries old journal discovered (CTV Atlantic News)
14 July 2015 Diary of original White Head Island resident comes to New Brunswick Museum (CBC News)
6 July 2015 Colourful hooked rugs inspired by internationally known Acadian artist (Telegraph Journal)
2 July 2015 Open house at Nepisiguit Protected Natural Area this Saturday (Northern Light)
29 June 2015 Watch interview about NBM Collections and Research Centre (Global News, 7:26 - 8:21)
29 June 2015 Museum neighbours support changed plan (Telegraph Journal)
27 June 2015 New Brunswick Museum gets green light to expand (Telegraph Journal)
26 June 2015 New plan for N.B.museum expansion (CTV Atlantic News)
21 June 2015 Celebrating National Aboriginal Day (CTV Atlantic News, 0:00 - 0:41)
18 June 2015 Atlantic Wildlife Institute returns wood turtle to habitat (CBC News)
17 June 2015 Snapping turtle faces decline in province (The Daily Gleaner)
13 June 2015 Birch bark canoe from 1800s fails to excite museum community (CBC News)
12 June 2015 100th anniversary of the departure of the 26th New Brunswick Battalion- Watch interview: 19:34 – 20:26 (CTV Atlantic News)
11 June 2015 Fighting 26th Battalion's departure for WWI remembered (CBC News)
29 May 2015 White-nose syndrome treatment developed for bats in U.S. (Telegraph Journal)
27 May 2015 NB Museum needs public support (Telegraph Journal)
26 May 2015 Hope for bats (CBC Shift - NB)
26 May 2015 Black History Society marks 200th anniversary of black American refugees arrival (Telegraph Journal)
25 May 2015 Some bats with white-nose syndrome cured by bacteria, scientists say (CBC News)
19 May 2015 Building a better-looking city from the ground up (Telegraph Journal)
16 May 2015 Planning for a 2017 birthday party (Telegraph Journal)
15 May 2015 International Museum Day celebrations planned (Telegraph Journal)
14 May 2015 Loyalist Day celebrates city's founders Monday (Telegraph Journal)
14 May 2015 District Heritage Fair winners announced (Times & Transcript)
11 May 2015 Architects' panel at NB Museum (Telegraph Journal)
30 April 2015 New wildflower book launched at museum (Telegraph Journal)
23 April 2015 Architects discuss sustainability (Telegraph Journal)
20 April 2015 White nose syndrome wiping out bat population (Global News)
20 April 2015 New Brunswick’s endangered bats dwindle to about 20 lonely survivors (Telegraph Journal)
14 April 2015 Public institutions have proven to be susceptible to historical amnesia (The Daily Gleaner)
13 April 2015 Museum supporters ask Common Council to allow testing of park land (Telegraph Journal)
12 April 2015 Eastern Cougars (CBC Land and Sea) Watch interview of Donald McAlpine, NBM Curator - 11:03 – 11:49; 20:24 – 20:30
11 April 2015 Museum celebrates first provincial geologist (Telegraph Journal)
10 April 2015 Companies hired to examine tourism possibilities for Partridge Island (Global News)
9 April 2015 Partridge Island tourism feasibility study now underway (CBC News)
9 April 2015 White-Nose Syndrome (CBC Maritimes News, 1:05-7:56)
9 April 2015 Museum presents talk on 2nd Battle of Ypres (Telegraph Journal)
7 April 2015 Presentation on architecture history (Telegraph Journal)
7 April 2015 Larry Bell’s greatest investment remembered as his generosity (Telegraph Journal)
3 April 2015 Architectural history subject of presentation (Telegraph Journal)
31 March 2015 New museum plans worth supporting (Telegraph Journal)
26 March 2015 There’s room for museum consensus (Telegraph Journal)
25 March 2015 Museum editorial was rational approach (Telegraph Journal)
24 March 2015 Legal limbo sign of museum impasse (Telegraph Journal)
23 March 2015 Delay is not gift to NB Museum (Telegraph Journal)
23 March 2015 Province, city at odds on museum expansion (Telegraph Journal)
22 March 2015 NB Museum Explores Other Options For Collections Centre Expansion (CHSJ News)
19 March 2015 NB Museum may move somewhere else (K100 Radio)
19 March 2015 Museum given time to refocus on plan (Telegraph Journal)
18 March 2015 NB Museum Douglas Ave. Site Plans Changed (CBC News, Information Morning Saint John)
18 March 2015 New Brunswick Museum looking at new options for expansion (CBC News)
18 March 2015 Museum stepping back from expansion into memorial park (Telegraph Journal)
17 March 2015 New Brunswick Museum Collections and Research Centre Update
12 March 2015 Veterans understand memorial's importance (Telegraph Journal)
9 March 2015 Vets can be honoured with changes to park (Telegraph Journal)
9 March 2015 Creative solutions possible for museum (Telegraph Journal)
7 March 2015 Historian opposes option, not plan (Telegraph Journal)
7 March 2015 We need truth in museum dispute (Telegraph Journal)
4 March 2015 Council puts off decision on museum testing (Telegraph Journal)
3 March 2015 Museum helped with NBYO project (Telegraph Journal)
3 March 2015 Museum curators need to fulfill mandate (Telegraph Journal)
2 March 2015 Geopark supports museum expansion (Telegraph Journal)
2 March 2015 Museum collections must be protected (Telegraph Journal)
2 March 2015 Supporters sound off in defence of museum expansion (Telegraph Journal)
2 March 2015 There's more to the museum's plan than meets the eye (Telegraph Journal)
27 February 2015 Bobcat pays afternoon visit to border town (Telegraph Journal)
26 February 2015 New vision needed with museum plan (Telegraph Journal)
25 February 2015 New Brunswick Museum expansion plans still not finalized (CBC News)
25 February 2015 NB Museum expansion endorsed (Telegraph Journal)
25 February 2015 Museum holds public sessions on proposed expansion plans (Telegraph Journal)
25 February 2015 Watch interview about NBM facilities: Museum plans for future (CBC News)
24 February 2015 Watch interview about NBM facilities: Public weighs in on future of archives at New Brunswick Museum (CTV News)
24 February 2015 Expanding the NB Museum Could Boost Tax Revenue and Improve the Park (CHSJ News)
24 February 2015 Museum facing time crunch to save Douglas Avenue site (Telegraph Journal)
23 February 2015 Watch interview about NBM facilities (CBC News, 0:00-2:35)
23 February 2015 Watch interview about NBM facilities (Global News)
20 February 2015 New Brunswick Museum's Future
20 February 2015 Going behind the scenes at the New Brunswick Museum (Telegraph Journal)
14 February 2015 Expand memorial park toward river (Telegraph Journal)
14 February 2015 Son of proud Devil’s Brigade member remembers his dad’s wartime exploits (Telegraph Journal)
10 February 2015 Keep memorial park as it is (Telegraph Journal)
9 February 2015 Our veterans deserve a lot more respect (Times Transcript)
4 February 2015 Retain Boer War park as a memorial (Telegraph Journal)
3 February 2015 Architect association exhibit opens (Telegraph Journal)
2 February 2015 Broccoli mystery solved? Not frog, nor snake, but a lizard (CBC News, Newfoundland and Labrador)
30 January 2015 Explorers Day at New Brunswick Museum (Telegraph Journal)
30 January 2015 Find better option than building on park (Telegraph Journal)
28 January 2015 Museum's expansion is best option (Telegraph Journal)
28 January 2015 Cutting park's area won't improve it (Telegraph Journal)
26 January 2015 Acquiring park land won't be that easy (Telegraph Journal)
24 January 2015 Let museum expand into park; Much thought put into expansion (Telegraph Journal)
22 January 2015 The battle over Riverview Park (Telegraph Journal)
21 January 2015 Opposition To A Proposed Museum Expansion Into Riverview Park (CBC News)
21 January 2015 Group opposes museum encroachment into memorial park (Telegraph Journal)
20 January 2015 New Brunswick Museum's park expansion bid meets opposition: Saint John's Riverview Park has a monument, trees planted in honour of soldiers who died in the Boer War (CBC News)
19 January 2015 New Brunswick Museum eyes Saint John park for expansion site: Director hopes a new $40M collections centre will be open in 2017 so existing building can be repaired (CBC News)
5 January 2015 Crochet month at museum (Telegraph Journal)
3 December 2014 Officers Square designated provincial heritage place, monument unveiled (The Daily Gleaner)
29 November 2014 Saying goodbye to Kings County homestead (Telegraph Journal)
22 November 2014 Keeping faith (Northern Light)
21 November 2014 History of defense at NB Museum (Telegraph Journal)
21 November 2014 A great way to record our history (Telegraph Journal)
19 November 2014 Wartime history brought to life (Times & Transcript)
14 November 2014 Sometimes, even bats need a superhero (Kings County Record)
14 November 2014 L’Orchestre des jeunes du N.-B. de retour à Bathurst (Acadie Nouvelle, in french)
12 November 2014 Call to Arms lecture at NB Museum (Telegraph Journal)
11 November 2014 NB Youth Orchestra to play locally (The Northern Light)
10 November 2014 Author talk at museum (Telegraph Journal)
10 November 2014 Nov. 11 activities at museum (Telegraph Journal)
7 November 2014 Claude Roussel honoré par la Galerie Beaverbrook (Acadie Nouvelle, in french)
7 November 2014 How can you help species at risk in New Brunswick (The Bugle-Observer)
6 November 2014 Claude Roussel : le briseur de chaînes (Acadie Nouvelle, in french)
6 November 2014 New Brunswick bats at risk of extinction (The Argosy)
6 November 2014 Saint John Ghosts book signing (Telegraph Journal)
5 November 2014 Wartime home front archive talk set (Telegraph Journal)
31 October 2014 Tours offer glimpse of treasures, life behind doors of museum’s collections centre on Douglas Avenue (Telegraph Journal)
30 October 2014 Small electrical fire in museum gallery (Telegraph Journal)
November-December 2014 Bay of Fundy (The Group Travel Leader)
23 October 2014 Crayfish find worthy of museum interest (Telegraph Journal)
22 October 2014 L’Orchestre des jeunes du N.-B. s’arrête à Edmundston (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
17 October 2014 Artifact to be on display during 100th Anniversary Celebrations (Miramichi Leader)
10 October 2014 Young hunter claims cougar sighting at Jordan Mountain (Telegraph Journal)
7 October 2014 Cherry Brook Zoo on the hunt for another big cat (Telegraph Journal)
4 October 2014 Museum absorbs Saint John Jewish Museum archive (Telegraph Journal)
26 September 2014 New Brunswick Museum staging Culture Days (Telegraph Journal)
25 September 2014 Deborah Discovers: New Brunswick Museum on Douglas Avenue (CBC News, Information Morning Saint John)
23 September 2014 Bat fungus research could contribute to human health (CBC News)
23 September 2014 Geopark gathering a geological legacy (Telegraph Journal)
22 September 2014 Book signing at New Brunswick Museum (Telegraph Journal)
16 September 2014 Sea change for ceramicist (Telegraph Journal)
16 September 2014 Museum hosts first Jewish film festival in city (Telegraph Journal)
13 September 2014 Exhibits inspired by landscapes of province's Stonehammer Geopark (Times & Transcript)
12 September 2014 Art exhibits inspired by landscapes of Stonehammer (Telegraph Journal)
11 September 2014 Museum shows art exhibits inspired by landscapes of Stonehammer Geopark (Times Colonist / by The Canadian Press | par La Presse Canadienne)
6 September 2014 The Life, Legacy of Alex Colville (Daily Gleaner)
1 September 2014 Stonehammer: How it all began (Telegraph Journal)
September 2014 N.B. Museum Plans $40 Million Expansion (MUSE)
28 August 2014 Celebrating culture in the Port City (Telegraph Journal)
27 August 2014 Visitors treasure museum, too (Telegraph Journal)
26 August 2014 NB Museum explores the Bay of Fundy (Telegraph Journal)
21 August 2014 Museum hosting information session on sharks (Telegraph Journal)
20 August 2014 Naturalists club set to explore surroundings (Telegraph Journal)
19 August 2014 Remembering Saint John artist Fred Ross (CBC News)
19 August 2014 Gallery Hop offers opportunity to explore province's culture (Telegraph Journal)
19 August 2014 Museum Will Seek Support From Gov't, Private Sector For Collections Centre Renos (CHSJ)
19 August 2014 New Brunswick Museum secures $1.1M for collections centre upgrade (CBC News)
19 August 2014 Museum gets $1.1M for addition, renovations (Telegraph Journal)
18 August 2014 De nouveaux artefacts exposés à Saint-Simon (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
18 August 2014 Province Invests $1.1-Million In NB Museum's Collections Centre (CHSJ)
18 August 2014 New Brunswick Museum receives $1.1 million for Collections Centre improvement (GNB)
18 August 2014 Bioblitz turns up invasive snail in Grand Lake Meadows (CBC News)
18 August 2014 Let's build new museum complex (Telegraph Journal)
18 August 2014 Bioblitz (CBC News)
15 August 2014 Prehistoric creatures beneath the feet of Campbelltonians (Campbellton Tribune)
14 August 2014 Bioblitz sets up shop in Gagetown (Oromocto Post Gazette)
14 August 2014 Fringe Festival promises to entertain (Telegraph Journal)
13 August 2014 Acadian Day celebrations set to take place at museum (Telegraph Journal)
12 August 2014 2014 NBM Bioblitz at Grand Lake Protected Natural Area
12 August 2014 Three fossil sites up for heritage designation (Telegraph Journal)
9 August 2014 Genealogist's letters inspire new family history(Telegraph Journal)
7 August 2014 3 bat species may be listed as at risk (CBC News)
5 August 2014 Museum deserves widespread support (Telegraph Journal)
4 August 2014 BioBlitz at New Brunswick's Grand Lake draws biologists from all over (CBC News)
1 August 2014 Museum needs your support (Telegraph Journal)
31 July to 6 August 2014 Unearthed history on display (Here)
31 July 2014 Truly the province's museum (Daily Gleaner)
29 July 2014 Rockwood Park hosting educational ant walk (Telegraph Journal)
29 July 2014 Museum hopes makeover will preserve its history (Telegraph Journal)
29 July 2014 Bird deaths still being investigated (Telegraph Journal)
28 July 2014 Le Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick à la croisée des chemins (Acadie Nouvelle, in french)
28 July 2014 NB Museum tour on shipbuilding (Telegraph Journal)
28 July 2014 Guided walk through Rockwood Park (Telegraph Journal)
26 July 2014 Your Museum's Future
16 July 2014 Time is pressing for decision on museum renovations (Telegraph Journal)
12 July 2014 New Brunswick Museum receives $300K funding boost (Telegraph Journal)
11 July 2014 NB Museum gets extra $300K, and maybe a new home (CBC News)
11 July 2014 Increased funding for New Brunswick Museum, request for proposals issued (GNB)
9 July 2014 Summer museum tours getting underway (Telegraph Journal)
9 July 2014 Travel journals to be explored (Telegraph Journal)
5 July 2014 Stonehammer Geopark to host international event (Telegraph Journal)
3 July 2014 Georgette Bourgeois de retour à l’Église historique de Barachois (Acadie Nouvelle, in french)
26 June 2014 Museum open house at collections centre (Telegraph Journal)
24 June 2014 Renewal of museum facilities a must (Telegraph Journal)
18 June 2014 Weekend rain could lead to increase in mosquitoes: expert (Times & Transcript)
17 June 2014 Highlighting the value of tourism in the region (Telegraph Journal)
17 June 2014 Geopark secures provincial funds (Telegraph Journal)
13 June 2014 Museum hears input on expansion from locals (Telegraph Journal)
13 June 2014 A provincial institution, in need of aid (Telegraph Journal)
13 June 2014 Understand, know aboriginal history (Telegraph Journal)
12 June 2014 CMA 2014: les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo rendront hommage à Claude Roussel (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
9 June 2014 Museum collections are world class (Telegraph Journal)
7 June 2014 Honouring the man who made the Beaverbrook what it is today (Telegraph Journal)
4 June 2014 Collections can't survive neglect (Telegraph Journal)
3 June 2014 Catacombs (Dr. Graham Young- Manitoba Museum)
3 June 2014 Back expansion of museum (Telegraph Journal)
2 June 2014 U.S. biologist backs museum expansion (Telegraph Journal)
31 May 2014 All need to support museum's expansion (Telegraph Journal)
29 May 2014 More than a thousand lives remembered (Telegraph Journal)
28 May 2014 A museum with little space, a park with plenty of fans (Telegraph Journal)
27 May 2014 Le musée du Nouveau-Brunswick pourrait déménager du Market Square (Radio Canada, in French)
27 May 2014 New Brunswick Museum seeks $40-million expansion (CBC News)
27 May 2014 A $40M idea to improve New Brunswick Museum (Telegraph Journal)
26 May 2014 Bat decline on tap for museum talk this week (Telegraph Journal)
22 May 2014 New Brunswick bats on brink of being wiped out (Times&Transcript)
20 May 2014 Archaeologist digs into provincial museum's collection (Telegraph Journal)
16 May 2014 Re-imagining the old museum (Telegraph Journal)
30 April 2014 A FASHION-FORWARD LOOK BACK IN TIME (Telegraph Journal)
12 April 2014 Underneath the covers: Stitches in time (Telegraph Journal)
11 April 2014 Wild wedding stories shared by New Brunswick Museum archives (CBC News)
11 April 2014 Tying the knot through the decades in the region (Telegraph Journal)
March/April 2014 The "picture province" (RV Gazette)
Spring 2014 The Right Way to Save a Whale (BBC Wildlife)
6 March 2014 Opossum trapped near Rexton a first for New Brunswick (CBC News)
6 March 2014 Possum found near Bouctouche (Times Transcript)
10 February 2014 Museum explores Valentine's Day through the years (Telegraph Journal)
5 February 2014 Dead bats could provide clues about white-nose syndrome (CBC News)
January 2014 Brittain sketches to be displayed in New Brunswick (Muse)
29 January 2014 Historic T.S. Simms paint brush factory slated for demolition (CTV Atlantic)
29 January 2014 Demolition of historic T.S. Simms paint brush factory underway (CBC News)
18 January 2014 André Lapointe Maritima (Le Samedi, Acadie Nouvelle, in french)
18 January 2014 A change of place: The New Brunswick Museum opens André Lapointe's Maritima this week as the final show in its Know Your Own Artists series (Salon, Telegraph Journal)
16 January 2014 Provincial committee struck to co-ordinate milestone events (Telegraph Journal)
15 January 2014 Le gouvernement Alward crée un comité des commémorations (Acadie Nouvelle, in french)
28 December 2013 André Lapointe : zoom sur la beauté des Maritimes (Le Samedi, Acadie Nouvelle, in french)
9 December 2013 Showcasing Christmas traditions of the past (Telegraph Journal)
26 November 2013 Restoration of Miller Brittain sketches nears completion (CBC News)
4 November 2013 Report winter bat sightings to Natural Resources staff (Telegraph Journal)
30 October 2013 Day-flying bats could be sign of deadly fungus, officials say (CBC News)
17 October 2013 Gallery Hop on Friday (Telegraph Journal)
17 October 2013 Spooky talk examines murder, death (Telegraph Journal)
11 October 2013 Museum showcases new building (Miramichi Leader)
1 October 2013 Role of the Hunter Family in War of 1812 (CCNB Radio 103.3 FM, in french, 11mb mp3)
23 September 2013 Mountain lions exist in eastern Canada, speaker says (Telegraph Journal)
18 September 2013 7,500 songbirds killed at Canaport gas plant in Saint John (CBC News)
18 September 2013 Over 7000 birds killed at Canaport LNG terminal (Telegraph Journal)
30 August 2013 Bringing restoration efforts to the forefront (Telegraph Journal)
19 August 2013 Francophone immigrants identify as being Acadian (Telegraph Journal)
17 August 2013 New Brunswick Day pride was on display (Telegraph Journal)
15 August 2013 « L'Acadie en folie » à Saint-Jean (Acadie Nouvelle, in french)
15 August 2013 City to celebrate Acadian Day (Telegraph Journal)
13 August 2013 Acadian Day at Museum (Telegraph Journal)
7 August 2013 Tour features the Great Fire (Telegraph Journal)
6 August 2013 Fête nationale des Acadiens au Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick (Acadie Nouvelle, in french)
6 August 2013 Port City celebrates New Brunswick Day (Telegraph Journal)
5 August 2013 Events lined up to celebrate New Brunswick Day (Telegraph Journal)
3 August 2013 Expositions (Acadie Nouvelle, in french)
2 August 2013 Bandstand and its donors unveiled to hundreds (Telegraph Journal)
24 July 2013 Visit Saint John's museum 'gems' (Telegraph Journal)
23 July 2013 Acadian art depicts history (Telegraph Journal)
10 July 2013 Public can view Brittain conservation (Telegraph Journal)
4-10 July 2013 Researchers come up with big finds (Here)
9 July 2013 Long Wharf education walk (Telegraph Journal)
8 July 2013 Shipbulding tour first of many on province's history (Telegraph Journal)
5 July 2013 Photographer unveils update to nine-year-old book on city (Telegraph Journal)
29 June 2013 Repechage for an artist (Salon, Telegraph Journal)
22 June 2013 Fibre, tapestry artist wins Strathbutler (Telegraph Journal)
21 June 2013 Museum walk next week (Telegraph Journal)
20 June 2013 The Arts and Renaissance Rhetoric (Telegraph Journal)
20 June 2013 Museum hosting Aboriginal Day (Telegraph Journal)
19 June 2013 Bioblitz tackling 10 areas in 20 years (Telegraph Journal)
8 June 2013 Le loup de retour dans la Péninsule acadienne (Acadie Nouvelle, in french)
8 June 2013 Making progress with provincial wolf mystery (Telegraph Journal)
27 May 2013 Heritage fair helps kids explore culture, history (Telegraph Journal)
23 May 2013 La Galerie Restigouche se distingue (L'Étoile Restigouche, in french)
22 May 2013 Félicitations à la Galerie Restigouche (L'Aviron, in french)
17 May 2013 Disease brings brown bat near to extinction in province (Telegraph Journal)
15 May 2013 International Museums Day (Telegraph Journal)
15 May 2013 US bug boom unlikely north of the border (Telegraph Journal)
11 May 2013 Le loup de Caraquet sera exposé au VHA (Acadie Nouvelle, in french)
4 May 2013 Treasure day goes Sunday (Telegraph Journal)
3 May 2013 Museum exhibition opens at gallery (The Tribune)
2 May 2013 Exposition de haut calibre (L'Étoile Restigouche, in french)
20 April 2013 Emergency Rooms (Telegraph Journal)
19 April 2013 Public invited to take virtual tour of the people's park (Telegraph Journal)
12 April 2013 Overwintering bats almost wiped out (Moncton Times and Transcript)
9 April 2013 Deadly bat fungus will be tracked across Canada (CBC News)
1 April 2013 Protecting province's unique natural history through education (Telegraph Journal)
30 March 2013 Conserving our culture (Telegraph Journal)
26 March 2013 Lectures, mural work mark TB Day (Telegraph Journal)
21 March 2013 To have and to hold (Telegraph Journal)
16 March 2013 This modern love (Salon, Telegraph Journal)
13 March 2013 Museums and Art Galleries (Today's Parent Magazine)
23 February 2013 A colossal conservation (Telegraph Journal)
12 February 2013 Flooding from burst pipe closes museum gallery (Telegraph Journal)
11 February 2013 Les activités du Musée du Nouveau-Brunswick perturbées par une fuite d'eau (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
9 February 2013 Flooding closes museum gallery (Telegraph Journal)
9 February 2013 1st potential case of deadly bat fungus found on P.E.I. (CBC News)
7 February 2013 My heart will go on (Telegraph Journal)
1 February 2013 Wolf probably moved through Restigouche (The Tribune, Campbellton)
15 January 2013 Last stand for bats (Telegraph Journal)
11 January 2013 Wolfe shot in province was not a released pet (Telegraph Journal)
10 January 2013 Le loup abattu à Caraquet n'avait pas été élevé en captivité (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
9 January 2013 Copper coin discovery fits with 1812 commemoration (Telegraph Journal)
9 January 2013 Wolf shot in New Brunswick was wild, tests confirm (CBC News)
5 January 2013 Pursuits Salon (Telegraph Journal)
22 December 2012 Handwritten connection to Christmas classic (Telegraph Journal)
28 November 2012 Conservation des peintures murales de Miller Brittain (Radio Canada, in French)
27 November 2012 Christmas traditions from way back (Telegraph Journal)
24 November 2012 Foundation Celebrates 25 Years (Telegraph Journal)
10 November 2012 Images Show Influence of War (Telegraph Journal)
18 October 2012 Storied war flag makes trek to Upper Canada (Telegraph Journal)
September-October 2012 Up to bat: Bats in Atlantic Canada are being decimated by a fungus. Do we have what it takes to help populations survive? (Saltscapes)
31 August 2012 Scientists, postal workers try to explain batty guest (Telegraph Journal)
30 July 2012 Siberian tiger is dinner for millions of beetles (Telegraph Journal)
July-August 2012 Mother earth's mysterious web (Saltscapes)
26 June 2012 Pam, the Siberian tiger, was a 'fighter' (Telegraph Journal)
19 June 2012 Regiment's colours fly proudly once more (Telegraph Journal)
7 June 2012 White-nose syndrome killing Canada’s bats (Arik Ligeti, Canada.com, Technology)
1 June 2012 Flag being restored (Telegraph Journal)
29 May 2012 Festival of Nature blooming around Fundy region in June (Telegraph Journal)
29 May 2012 Long lost regimental colour from War of 1812 to rise again (Toronto Star)
28 May 2012 War of 1812 flag being restored (CBC News)
17 May 2012 Artist Lynn Wigginton looks up for latest project (Telegraph Journal)
17 May 2012 Prince to view historic Saint John architecture (Telegraph Journal)
16 May 2012 Province lands geoparks conference (Telegraph Journal)
14 May 2012 L'humain n'a pas vraiment à craindre le retour du loup (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
11 May 2012 Government 'excited' about wolf discovery (CBC News)
9 May 2012 Wolf found in New Brunswick for first time in 150 years, testing confirms (Brandon Sun)
9 May 2012 First wolf killed in New Brunswick since 1876 (Toronto Star)
9 May 2012 Wolf shot in N.B. may have been a pet (CBC News)
9 May 2012 DNA analysis confirms animal was a wolf
19 April 2012 L'hypothèse du loup se renforce à Caraquet (Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
16 April 2012 DNA being tested on N.B. mystery 'wolf' (CBC News)
10 April 2012 Deadly bat fungus traced to Europe (Telegraph Journal)
10 April 2012 Transporting students to Stonehammer a challenge (Telegraph Journal)
7 April 2012 Stonehammer: unique in location, development (Telegraph Journal)
6 April 2012 Environment the topic at NB Museum (Telegraph Journal)
30 March 2012 First Nations fans come home (Telegraph Journal)
30 March 2012 Historic First Nations Artifacts Return to N.B. (Times & Transcript)
10 March 2012 A fitting history (Telegraph Journal)
14 December 2011 Ottawa : le N.-B. en temps de guerre à l'honneur (L'Acadie Nouvelle, in French)
9 September 2011 Minister visits Environmental Trust Fund project at New Brunswick Museum (GNB)
12 August 2011 N.B. fossils show origins of wood
8 August 2011 Quilting Presentation and Discussion
14 July 2011 Lichens point to cleaner air (Telegraph Journal)
5 July 2011 Devastating disease threatens bat population in province (Telegraph Journal)
28 June 2011 Caledonia Gorge Protected Natural Area Bioblitz (Nature NB)
23 June 2011 Bioblitz event targets Caledonia Gorge (Telegraph Journal)
11 May 2011 N.S. brown bats endangered by fungus (CBC)
20 April 2011 Deadly bat disease likely to strike P.E.I. (CBC News)
31 March 2011 White-nose syndrome spreads to New Brunswick bats (Bangor Daily News)
30 March 2011 Deadly bat fungus hits N.B. (CBC)
30 March 2011 Mysterious disease decimates province's brown bats (Telegraph Journal)