11 September 2009

Four New Brunswick Artists Selected for Exhibitions at New Brunswick Museum


The New Brunswick Museum recently announced the artists selected for solo exhibitions in 2010 to 2012. Based on a province wide call for proposals and a jury process, four contemporary New Brunswick visual artists have been selected for the Know Your Own Artists exhibition series. The artists whose work will be presented in this continuing series are Janice Wright Cheney, Anna Torma, André Lapointe and Darren Emenau.

An exhibition of the work of Fredericton based artist Janice Wright Cheney opens in September 2010. Wright Cheney works in textile-based media to explore the ways we as humans understand nature. An instructor at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in Fredericton, Wright Cheney has exhibited widely in both solo and group exhibitions and her work is represented in public collections including the New Brunswick Museum collection. In addition to awards from the New Brunswick Arts Board and the Canada Council for the Arts, she was the 2004 winner of the Strathbutler Award for Excellence in the Arts.

Anna Torma’s large-scale drawings are craft based, using hand embroidery, collage and drawing on a silk, canvas or paper base. For her solo exhibition at the New Brunswick Museum from May to August 2011, Torma plans an installation project inspired by formal garden design as well as the overlooked beauty of the rural environment. Torma, now a resident of BaieVerte, earned a degree in Textile Art and Design from the Hungarian University of Applied Arts before immigrating to Canada in the 1980s. She has won numerous awards including the 2008 Strathbutler Award, has exhibited extensively and has work in various public collections. 

André Lapointe teaches sculpture at the Université de Moncton. Gaspésian-born, he finds inspiration in the maritime environment, and creates installations designed for a specific site’s landscape, integrating with the environment. His exhibition at the New Brunswick Museum from September to December 2011 will combine sculpture with large scale photographs. Lapointe has earned both a Bachelor and Masters in sculpture from the Université du Québec in Montreal, and was the winner of the Strathbutler Award in 2005.

Darren Emenau, from Central Greenwich in the St. John River valley, works in clay, using a variety of techniques including extrusion and hand building. He employs local clays, unrefined glazes and a wood/salt kiln, creating organic and unpredictable clay surfaces. For the exhibition Tributaries, scheduled at the New Brunswick Museum from January to April 2012, Emenau will make connections between his work and the region’s first brick factory at Oak Point, which supplied material for many buildings in Saint John. A graduate of the University of New Brunswick and the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, he exhibits extensively and teaches workshops throughout the province.

This series of exhibitions is inspired by the original Know Your Own Artists exhibitions presented by the New Brunswick Museum between 1949 and 1954.  These exhibitions provided New Brunswickers with an opportunity to view recent works by contemporary artists making a strong impact on art in the province and across the country. At the time, no other professional institution systematically collected contemporary New Brunswick art, nor had any other venue initiated such an ambitious program.

Director and CEO Jane Fullerton explained that “presenting contemporary New Brunswick art is an important aspect of the Museum’s exhibit program for over 75 years.” The New Brunswick Museum has the only permanent gallery dedicated to presenting an overview of New Brunswick art. The original Know Your Own Artists exhibitions aimed to present the most talented New Brunswick artists to the people of New Brunswick.

The Know Your Own Artists series was relaunched in 2008, with solo exhibitions by Luc A. Charette, Dan Steeves, Alexandra Flood and Susan Vida Judah.  Judah’s exhibition of tapestry art, Beyond the Garden Path, is currently on exhibition at the New Brunswick Museum. Peter Larocque, the Museum’s Curator of New Brunswick Cultural History and Art, noted that “the thoughtful and engaging works of New Brunswick’s contemporary artists challenge us to look at ourselves and our surroundings with new eyes.”

For further information on the selected artists, check these websites:

Janice Wright Cheney   www.janicewrightcheney.com

Anna Torma   www.annatorma.com

Darren Emenau    www.darrenemenau.ca

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