6 April 2009

Video Series on Leading New Brunswick Visual Arts Launched


The New Brunswick Visual Art Education Association, in partnership with the New Brunswick Museum, launched the first two videos in a series on leading visual artists in New Brunswick. Videos on mixed media artist, Suzanne Hill and sculptor, Werner Arnold have been completed. Molly and Bruno Bobak have recently been filmed. The Honourable Hermenegilde Chiasson, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, a leading Francophone painter, is the next visual artist to be featured in this series.

The series of fifteen short videos will be completed within the next two years and made available to galleries, schools, and other organizations across the province. The series is designed to increase awareness and understanding of what is meant by artistic insight and creative practice, as seen through the eyes of a selection of New Brunswick’s leading visual artists. Lives and work of artists from the Francophone, Anglophone and Aboriginal cultures will be featured so that the series will be both representative and inclusive.

A team of arts educators and artists associated with the New Brunswick Visual Art Education Association are collaborating on the creation of a series of fifteen short film/videos. The team is comprised of art educators Mary Blatherwick and Suzanne Hill, filmmaker Mike Cowie, actor/narrator Suzanne McCormack and music educator/composer Jane Ogilvie. 

Initial funding for this visual resource project has come from the New Brunswick Museum, The New Brunswick Visual Art Education Association and private donors.

New Brunswick Museum Director and CEO Jane Fullerton commented that this series will “provide an up to date and innovative means to expose, educate and inspire individuals about the visual art and artists who contribute to the rich artistic and cultural fabric of this province.”

The team of educators and artists working on this series are mostly volunteering their time and expertise. The New Brunswick film cooperative is donating the use of their cameras, sound and editing facilities.  Dr. Mary Blatherwick commented that “As a creative team there is an exceptional level of interest and enthusiasm for this project, which is promoting collaboration amongst artists and members of the province’s artistic and cultural communities.”

The Visual Art Education Association is seeking additional funding in order to complete the series. Financial contributions towards this series are appreciated, in order to provide a significant new education resource for teachers and students.

For further information:
Mary Blatherwick   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   (506) 849-7547