3 February 2009

Eco-Mondo - Ready for... a trip around the world?


From January 17 – March 29, 2009, the New Brunswick Museum is inviting everyone to experience a captivating trip around the world, with Eco Mondo. This all-new exhibition created by the Biodôme de Montréal, in partnership with Environnement Jeunesse, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), is an opportunity for each of us to explore and understand the essential links between the health of ecosystems and human health.

But don’t worry, for this trip you can leave your visa and passport at home. Admission to the New Brunswick Museum is all you need to travel from one Eco Mondo station to the next. On the other hand, be advised that this isn’t the kind of exhibition you just look at! Visitor-travellers will have to find viable solutions to the serious and very real human and environmental problems described in the exhibition.

Eco Mondo is all about thinking and acting, for all of us!

When our travellers arrive at each station in a different country, they will start by learning about that part of the world. Then a local young person will explain an environmental problem affecting his or her community. What’s the solution? Visitors will reflect on the solutions suggested by the community itself and weigh all the local human, economic and environmental dimensions of the problem. There are games to help visitors make informed choices and sometimes just to teach them to be … more patient. The ecosystems approach often isn’t the easiest solution, and can take a lot of effort to put into place. But it’s worth it in the medium and long run!

Intrigued? How about a quick five-part description of this trip through ten regions of the world, promising hundreds of surprises?

  • First stop: China. The problem: clean water. The Fu and Nan Rivers, in the city of Chengdu, have to be cleaned up. At the same time, a young man from Ivory Coast will describe the viable solutions that people in his country have devised to solve similar dilemmas.
  • Then on to Växjö, Sweden, where the city is taking steps to reduce air pollution.  Mexico City, meanwhile, is also trying to limit the use of fossil fuels, with locally tailored solutions.
  • Third stop: Ecuador. This time, it’s all about pesticides and their adverse effects on agriculture and humans. A problem also facing farmers and residents in Quebec!
  • At the fourth station, visitors will be confronted with the conundrum of waste management in Cotonou, Benin; a young man from Iqaluit, Nunavut, explains the solutions applied in his home town.
  •  Last stop: Brazil, to look at viable solutions to environmental mercury contamination and how people in Amazonia are being exposed to this contaminant. This, too, is a problem that affects Quebeckers, but for different reasons, calling for made-in-Quebec solutions.

Before leaving each country, visitors can see how people from other lands have found their own solutions to similar problems.

Welcome to all our visitor-travellers. We wish them a good "trip" to a planet and a human race in better health!

Free February at the New Brunswick Museum!

New Brunswick Museum Exhibition Centre, Market Square, Saint John.
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