24 November 2008

Artist Talk, Thursday, November 27, 7 pm at the NBM, FREE
Alexandra Flood: Tableaux


Come join artist Alexandra Flood for a unique talk and tour on Thursday, November 27, 7 pm at the New Brunswick Museum. Alexandra will share what has inspired and influenced her work, and will provide a tour of her new show: Tableaux. Everyone is welcome and admission is free.

Flood’s exhibition features paintings and sculptural works from the artist’s series Ne’er-do-wells in Bucolia, Minx, Teaser and Rip Tide. She works in acrylics to create paintings that appear representational, surreal and sometimes abstract with varied influences from nature to fashion.  The sculptures made from porcelain and locally dug earthenware contain delightfully detailed creatures.

A resident of central Greenwich, Flood is the 2008 recipient of the New Brunswick Arts Board’s Miller Brittain Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts. Her work has been exhibited in various local, national and international galleries, including the Mare Street Biennale, ARTISTSPACE, London, England earlier this year; and in several exhibitions in Toronto, Ontario this fall.

Tableaux is third in the new series of Know Your Own Artists solo exhibitions, selected by jury. The original Know Your Own Artists was a series of exhibitions presented by the New Brunswick Museum between 1949 and 1954 to showcase the most talented artists in New Brunswick. The series provides opportunities for New Brunswickers to discover international caliber artists who are living and creating here in New Brunswick.

Know Your Own Artists – Alexandra Flood: Tableaux will be on exhibition at the NBM’s Exhibition Centre, Market Square, Saint John until December 7, 2008.

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