16 October 2008

New art exhibition opens at New Brunswick Museum Friday, October 17, 2008, 4–7 pm: Alexandra Flood: Tableaux


Know Your Own Artists – Alexandra Flood: Tableaux, a new exhibition of work by New Brunswick artist Alexandra Flood opens at the New Brunswick Museum (NBM) Friday, October 17, 4 - 7 pm, as part of the Saint John Gallery Hop.  The third in the NBM’s new juried Know Your Own Artists series, this exhibition features paintings and sculptural works from the artist’s series Ne’er-do-wells in Bucolia, Minx, Teaser and Rip Tide.

“With her particularly unique vision, Flood engages us in a sophisticated discourse.  Her work calls into question the impact and authority of mass media and it chides us into contemplating the artist’s role and significance in framing this challenge and bringing it to our attention”, states Peter Larocque, NBM Curator of Cultural History and Art.  “Taken as a whole, these works are engaging and appealing, the viewer is drawn in by a desire to decipher their magic and charm.”

A resident of central Greenwich, Flood is the 2008 recipient of the New Brunswick Arts Board’s Miller Brittain Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts. Her work has been exhibited in various local, national and international galleries, including most recently at the Mare Street Biennale, ARTISTSPACE, London, England. Later this fall, Flood will be participating in several exhibitions in Toronto, Ontario. 

The NBM’s Know Your Own Artists series provides opportunities for New Brunswickers to discover international caliber artists who are living and creating here in New Brunswick. Alexandra Flood is the third in this series; Luc Charette and Dan Steeves were featured earlier this year, while Susan Vida Judah will be highlighted in the summer of 2009.

Know Your Own Artists – Alexandra Flood: Tableaux will be on exhibition at the NBM’s Exhibition Centre, Market Square, Saint John until December 7, 2008.  For more information on the NBM, please contact (506) 643-2300 or 1-888-268-9595.

For further information:
Vita Kipping
NBM Community Relations
506 643 2358  
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Artist’s Website: www.alexandraflood.ca