14 September 2007

Saturdays are for Explorers at the New Brunswick Museum

Explorer Saturdays are back at the New Brunswick Museum! September's theme is Fossil Hunter! and the Museum has planned special explorer activities and adventures for all ages.

Explorer Saturdays are educational, fun for all ages, and free with regular Museum admission. Every Fossil Hunter! Saturday in September offers a full day of themed activities, including art instruction, educational crafts, experiments, and hands-on discovery tours. Explorer Club Passports are available for frequent visitors — visit the Museum for 10 Explorer Days and earn a reward!

Explorer Saturdays are also the perfect opportunity to see Obsession: Trilobite Collection, an intriguing exhibition where art meets geology. Artist Christine Koch takes her inspiration from trilobites, creatures that existed over 500 million years ago in the earth's ancient seas. Trilobita, with over 17,000 described species, offered an irresistible means to explore her childhood fascination with fossils and indulge her love of colour. The exhibition is supplemented by interactive elements such as a fossil search table and a larger-than-life model of a trilobite to provide an opportunity for hands-on learning.

Museum visitors can also go time travelling down the mysterious passageways of the Geology Gallery to discover New Brunswick fossils of giant trilobites, sea scorpions and mastedons. Discover how New Brunswick's geologic history includes some of our planet's most dramatic events.

Join in the fun at the New Brunswick Museum in Market Square, Saint John every Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. For more information, call 506 643 2300 or 1-888-268-9595.

For further information:

Rose Poirier

Program Manager

(506) 643-2339

Wendy Martindale

Head, Community Services

(506) 643-2338