8 January 2008

Work of Contemporary New Brunswick Artist Luc A. Charette Presented in Exhibition at the New Brunswick Museum

The New Brunswick Museum presents the work of New Brunswick artist Luc A. Charette in the exhibit Dénominateur / Denominator 12.01.08, opening on Saturday, January 12. At 3 pm a talk will be presented by New Brunswick Museum Curator Peter Larocque and Special Guest Juror entitled “Know Your Own Artists: Past and Future”. The opening reception follows from 4 to 6 pm with an opportunity to meet the artist and view his work. Admission to both events is free and all are welcome.

This exhibition presents installations that incorporate photographs, video, sound and industrial materials to explore popular culture and the impact of technology. Charette describes his art as Intermedia, defined as all types of productions that do not strive to respect the boundaries of an artistic discipline. “This has been a specific characteristic of my work for over thirty years. Year after year I have demonstrated and provided ample proof that I am not solely a painter, a sculptor, a print artist, a photographer, nor a filmmaker. I do not try to make life more pleasant. Rather, I try to provide an opportunity to question our customs and our way of life.”

A native of Edmundston who has lived in Moncton since 1988, the artist is presently the director and curator of the Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen art gallery at the Université de Moncton. After receiving a B.A. in 1976 from the Centre universitaire Saint-Louis-Maillet in Edmundston, he completed a bachelor's degree in Education with a major in plastic arts education at Université de Moncton. He earned a certificate in Advertising Photography from the School of Modern Photography in Montreal (1974), a graduate-level certificate in information technology from Université de Moncton (1998), and an M.A. in media arts from the École des arts visuels, Université Laval, Quebec (2003).

In his research, Charette explores real (installations), virtual (the Internet) and visual (imagery) spaces. His main work involves montages and displays featuring photographs, text, videos and digital animation, sounds, and industrial materials that explore popular culture and the impact of technology on society.

In addition to his continued exploration and expression of his art, Charette is Coordinator for Multimedia Production Education and lecturer at the Université de Moncton. He has also taught multimedia technologies in Tunisia as part of an IT program offered by Université de Moncton through distance education.

Since 1995 Charette has become seriously interested in media arts and webcast works. His work evidences a mastery of the reasoning behind popular aesthetics. In his hybrid research, he explores real (installations), visual (imagery) and virtual (Web) spaces via a questioning related to the concepts of time, duration, language systems, identity, representation and interactivity. Using photography, videotapes, sound recordings, computer animations, texts, objects, projections and industrial materials, Charette creates installations that provide significant syntheses.

Charette has participated in more than twenty-five solo exhibitions, a number of art performances, and over forty group shows. He has been a recipient of several awards including Artist of the Year in Visual Arts, Prix Éloize 2004, Académie des arts et des lettres de l'Atlantique; and was the winner of the competition for the Hon. Louis J. Robichaud Memorial Monument, Saint-Antoine, New Brunswick in 2006.

Dénominateur / Denominator 12.01.08 is first in the new series of Know Your Own Artists solo exhibitions. The original Know Your Own Artists was a series of exhibitions presented by the New Brunswick Museum between 1949 and 1954 to showcase the most talented artists in New Brunswick. This new series follows in this tradition, presenting work by contemporary New Brunswick artists, selected by jury.

New Brunswick Museum Director Jane Fullerton notes “presenting contemporary New Brunswick art is an important aspect of the Museum's exhibition program for over 75 years.” The New Brunswick Museum has the only permanent gallery dedicated to presenting an overview of New Brunswick art. The original Know Your Own Artists exhibitions aimed to present the most talented New Brunswick artists to the people of New Brunswick. Fullerton explained that “with the renewal of this Series, and the launch of Dénominateur / Denominator 12.01.08 by Luc A. Charette, the Museum brings this tradition of supporting contemporary New Brunswick art into the twenty-first century.”

There will be free admission and refreshments for visitors to the exhibition opening on January 12. The exhibition continues at the New Brunswick Museum until April 27, 2008.

For further information on Luc A. Charette, visit his website: www.umoncton.ca/gaum/charette.html

For further information:

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(506) 643-2346