30 April 2008

Launch of the New Brunswick Museum Virtual Exhibition All in a Day's Work

The social history of work was celebrated at the Launch of the New Brunswick Museum virtual exhibition All In A Day's Work. The official launch site was held at Barker's Point School, Fredericton, on Tuesday, April 29. Approximately 130 students attended the launch. This new bilingual virtual exhibition portrays the history of work and experience of workers in the province of New Brunswick.

This virtual exhibition includes approximately 1800 images consisting of archival documents, photographs, artifact images and excerpts from library publications dating from the late 1700s to the mid-1900s. Felicity Osepchook, Head, Archives and Research Library, commented that “one of the objectives is to connect New Brunswickers and all Canadians, particularly youth and students, to the riches of our heritage.”

This exhibition will go well beyond illustrating organized labour, exploring such topics as women and children in the workforce, servants and slavery, primary industries such as farming, fishing and forestry, apprenticeships, artisans and craftsmen. The history of working people and their work places plays a significant part in Canada's past; this exhibition will provide an opportunity to explore New Brunswick's part in the history of Canadian work and labour.

E-Learning Educational Programs and Services of the New Brunswick Department of Education has partnered with the New Brunswick Museum in order to optimize the educational aspects of the exhibition. The project was made possible with support from the Canadian Culture Online Program of Canadian Heritage, Library and Archives Canada and the Canadian Council of Archives.

The New Brunswick Museum's web site helps make its resources available to everyone. Virtual exhibitions enable people to visit the Museum from anywhere in the world and enjoy collections previously inaccessible to them. Exhibitions include: Saint John : An Industrial City in Transition, Koluskap: Wolastoqewi-atkuhkakonol - Stories from the Wolastoqiyik, and Balls, Bats & Boats: Sporting & Recreational Activities & Traditions in New Brunswick. These virtual exhibitions – and more – can be viewed at www.nbm-mnb.ca.

For further information:

Felicity Osepchook

Head, Archives and Research Library

New Brunswick Museum

(506) 643-2324