4 June 2008

Inside Whales: Brain Cavity Castings of Great Whales at the New Brunswick Museum

Inside Whales: Brain Cavity Castings of Great Whales opens at the New Brunswick Museum this Friday, June 6. This exhibition features endocranial casts made by Nova Scotia artist Dustin Wenzel using whale skulls from the collection of the New Brunswick Museum and the Canadian Museum of Nature.

“These castings provide insight into the physiology of some of the world's largest mammals and promote inquiry into the nature of their intelligence” notes Dr. Donald McAlpine, New Brunswick Museum Curator of Zoology. The exhibition includes two bronze casts, as well as a series of plaster casts, taken from whale skulls now in the Museum collection. The bronze casts were recently exhibited in New York. The casts represent a fascinating intersection of science and art and demonstrate the varied sources of inspiration museum collections can provide.

Creator Dustin Wenzel received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where he studied sculpture. After graduation he participated in a one-year residency at the Nova Scotia Fisheries Museum in Lunenburg, where he initiated the whale brain cavity casting project.

Inside Whales continues at the New Brunswick Museum until July 13, 2008. For more information: 506 643 2300. www.nbm-mnb.ca

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