Temporary Exhibitions


Subject to change

Conservation on Canvas

Ongoing: Conservation on Canvas, an exhibition of paintings of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick’s Nature Preserves by artist Michael McEwing. The exhibition, a partnership between the Nature Trust of New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Museum showcases the natural beauty of New Brunswick.
A series of 33 oil paintings captures unique ecosystems and landscapes of preserves from around the province. Featuring preserves from Grand Manan and Blacks Harbour in the lower Bay of Fundy, to Shea Lake in the North, the Conservation on Canvas exhibition is a diverse showcase of New Brunswick’s landscapes and biodiversity.
The project began nearly four years ago, when Michael McEwing approached the Nature Trust with the idea to capture the beauty of Nature Trust preserves on canvas. The goal of the project is to raise awareness of the natural diversity across New Brunswick, and to celebrate land conservation as a means of ensuring these landscapes and habitat remain protected for future generations.
The exhibition will travel throughout New Brunswick in 2018, and will be accompanied by art-in-nature workshops, immersing visitors in the natural wonders that surround us in our beautiful province.
Financial support for this project has also been graciously given by TD, McCain Foods, Stewart McKelvey, Alcool NB Liquor, and other supporters.

Fossil Hunter: Will Matthew and the Giant Trilobite

Ongoing: Fossil Hunter: Will Matthew and the Giant Trilobite. Fossil Hunter is an interactive exhibit developed by the New Brunswick Museum. Based on a true story, it tells the tale of a curious young teenage boy, Will Matthew, who discovered what was, at the time, the largest trilobite in the world. The fossil of the crab-like creature was about 500 million years old and was one of New Brunswick’s most important discoveries. The exhibit is packed with information about trilobites and other fossil evidence from the ancient seafloor. Fossil Hunter lets children discover the ancient secrets of the Earth with fossil specimens, hands-on models, original artwork and interactive components. A bilingual storybook entitled Fossil Hunter: Will Matthew and the Giant Trilobite accompanies the exhibition.

On a Silver Platter

Ongoing: On a Silver Platter exhibition at the New Brunswick Museum.
On a Silver Platter is a new exhibition of works by New Brunswick contemporary artist Mathieu Léger. Produced with the support of ArtsNB, the Sheila Hugh McKay Foundation, and the New Brunswick Museum, the exhibition, a product of Léger’s artist-in-residency at the New Brunswick Museum in 2012, is a project about history, culture and contemporary art in Canada. Equally serious and irreverent, this series of works by Léger seeks to engage a discussion about Canadian contemporary culture, while exploring ideas surrounding linguistics, assimilation, and history. The comments engraved on the silver plates inquire into current societal values, especially concerning the art world. The series examines themes of identity, cynicism, and sulking to look at humour in politics, cultural conflicts, and navel gazing art practices. The works have direct contact with spectators through humorous approaches within cultural and linguistic contexts.

The Franklin Exploration

On-going: Franklin Museum Network Pop-Up Exhibit – The Franklin Exploration at the New Brunswick Museum.
Led by Parks Canada and the Royal Ontario Museum, the Franklin Exploration Pop-up Exhibit highlights the story of the expedition as well as the discovery of HMS Erebus.  This three year national project will share the story of the Franklin Expedition and its discovery through displays, video and public programmes.
The Franklin Expedition has fascinated generations of Canadians. Last seen entering Baffin Bay in August 1845, the disappearance of the Franklin Expedition’s two ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror remains one of Canada’s greatest mysteries 170 years later. 




Temporary Exhibition Dates subject to change.