23 November 2016

New Art Exhibition opens at the New Brunswick Museum:
Suzanne Hill: Singular

A new exhibition of works by renowned New Brunswick contemporary artist Suzanne Hill: Singular will be opening at the New Brunswick Museum on 27 November 2016, 2pm. Produced by the New Brunswick Museum, the exhibition includes mixed media works and installations. Through the artwork, Hill presents a thought-provoking interpretation of the singularity of the life of human beings. At the same time, the exhibition is complemented by responses from contemporary literature and dance, highlighting the interconnectivity of cultural forms, in art and everyday life. 

“The New Brunswick Museum is pleased to present this exhibition of recent work by one of New Brunswick’s most acclaimed artists”, said Jane Fullerton,   CEO, NB Museum. “Those familiar with Suzanne Hill’s art, as those who will be introduced to it through this exhibition, will discover something new and thought-provoking in these pieces.” 

“At the heart of Suzanne Hill’s latest suite of artworks, Singular, lies a philosophical question about each of us as separate beings”, states Peter Larocque, NB Museum Curator of Cultural History and Art. “It is fascinating and enlightening to see how she explores perceptions, choices and actions in the assessment of this idea of individuality.”

Five installations, like the fingers on a single hand, express Suzanne Hill’s exploration of the idea of existing apart from others. “We are all islands” is the premise around which Suzanne Hill centres her most recent body of work, Singular. Rather than focus on the interconnection of all humanity, Hill proposes that each of us is defined as being clearly separate, the cumulative result of uniquely personal experiences as well as our particular actions and the decisions that we alone make. Thus while we may live in social situations and may interact, to lesser or great degrees with others, ultimately, we remain as parallel singularities delineated by the borders of our own perception and will.

The artist, Suzanne Hill, comments:

“Most of my work is based on small insights into conditions and situations that affect almost everyone.  I suppose these insights come from my own experiences and attitudes - I try to set up installations and images that will encourage responses based on a person’s own background and set of experiences.
Originally, this show was intended to challenge John Donne’s statement that “no man is an island …” My conclusion that we are all islands, the centre of our own universes - is valid, for the most part. However, a number of considerations surfaced as I explored this basic idea; what started as a challenge became more nuanced, shaded, subtle.  More of a compromise?
 Singular represents my attempt to set out some of these considerations, and to open up a conversation around them. Five installations, separated by single figures, in a variety of media, are the result. Interestingly, these works have generated a response from two other disciplines. The Atlantic Ballet of Canada will perform a new ballet and Anne Compton will read three new poems for the opening - a multi-disciplinary event built around the Singular project.”

The 2016 recipient of the New Brunswick Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for High Achievement in Visual Art, Suzanne Hill lives in Rothesay, NB, and maintains a studio in Saint John, NB. Originally from Montréal, she studied at Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1964. Two years later she obtained an Education Certificate from McGill University and was awarded the Lieutenant-Governor’s Gold Medal. For more than a quarter century she taught art in the schools of the Saint John region while at the same time nurturing a family and developing her art practice.

Hill has exhibited her work extensively over the past forty years in regional, national and international group shows as well as notable solo exhibitions: Figureheads (1985), Carapaces (1994), Scarecrow (1997), Weir (1999), and High Water Mark (2008).  Hill has also worked tirelessly within the community for the advancement of the visual arts and has had a significant voice in the cultural affairs of the province. To that end she has served on the provincial Cultural Policy Task Force and has been board member of artsNB, the New Brunswick Museum, the New Brunswick Visual Art Education Association and the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation. She has also acted as a peer juror on many committees for grants, exhibitions and symposia. In 1999, as the result of her outstanding contribution to the province’s visual arts as an artist as well as her advocacy role, she received the prestigious Strathbutler Award.

Hill’s work has been the subject of major publications produced by the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, University of New Brunswick Art Centre and the New Brunswick Museum, as well as a documentary video produced by the Visual Art Education Association. Examples of Hill’s work can be found in many public collections including the New Brunswick Museum, the New Brunswick Art Bank, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the Canada Council Art Bank, the Department of External Affairs and the Canadian War Museum.

The New Brunswick Museum is pleased to feature the exhibition Suzanne Hill: Singular. The opening event will be on 27 November, 2:15 pm at the NB Museum Exhibition Centre, Market Square, Saint John, with the artist, poet Anne Compton and the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada. This event is organized with the generous support of Tuck Studio. All are welcome.

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