28 September 2015


Community Shows Support for documentary film: Every Living Thing 

A crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds to complete the documentary film, Every Living Thing, which began in August and will continue until Wednesday September 30th, has drawn lots of community support, say those producing the film.  Genevieve Coates, a social media consultant associated with the documentary film explains, “Since this was our first crowdfunding campaign we did not know what to expect, but have been pleasantly surprised. We are following over 400 people on Twitter and 69 are following us so we've connected strongly on social media and plan to continue growing our online community support as part of the film release process. We also had over 830 people visit out crowdfunding campaign website which has raised $4,300 in financial contributions to date, with all of these funds going towards matching the Echo Foundation offer of $25,000 to help us complete this documentary film.”

Film producer, Lloyd Salomone, explains, “The crowdfunding campaign also provided a great opportunity to promote the film and to increase recognition for the important biodiversity research being done around the province, in this the UN Decade of Biodiversity (2011 to 2020), including the New Brunswick Museum's BiotaNB programme ”

Mr. Salomone says, “We have received encouragement and support from a variety people and organizations in New Brunswick, especially those close to the Grand Lake Protected Natural Area, where the film is shot. Also, several community groups have offered to help promote the film. “We hope to work collaboratively with organizations such as the Nature Trust of New Brunswick and the Oromocto Watershed Association to present film screenings around the province when the documentary is completed in spring 2016,” Mr. Salomone said.

Although fundraising activities will continue over the next few weeks and months to assist with the completion of the documentary film, Flower Power Production would like to thank everyone who has taken an interest in the documentary film thus far.

Funding to produce the Every Living Thing documentary film is being raised from a variety of sources. The New Brunswick Museum is supporting this initiative through in-kind activities and a financial contribution of $2,000. A CBC TV license will also provide opportunities for Flower Power Productions Inc. to access other film-related funding. The Echo Foundation in Montreal, QC has offered $25,000 to the documentary film project if matching funds can be raised by December 31, 2015. To this end, crowdfunding and community fundraising activities are under way.

To view film footage and support the Every Living Thing Crowdfunding Campaign by the September 30th deadline, visit: http://igg.me/at/everylivingthing  
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