25 August 2015


New Brunswick firm producing documentary on New Brunswick Museum BiotaNB

The New Brunswick Museum (NBM) is pleased to announce that a new documentary film featuring the New Brunswick Museum’s BiotaNB bioblitz programme is now in development. The film, entitled Every Living Thing is being produced by Lloyd Salomone of Flower Power Production Inc, a New Brunswick firm based in Fredericton. Directed by Kent Martin, the film will incorporate footage shot at the NBM’s Grand Lake Protected Natural Area Bioblitz in 2013 and 2014, as well as interviews with participants, to document the purpose, process and value of this major, science-based, biological inventory programme. 

“The NBM’s BiotaNB programme brings together scientists and students from across North America each year for an intensive two week period of field work and research in one of New Brunswick’s Protected Natural Areas, to enable us to better understand the life forms in those regions”, said Dr. Donald McAlpine, Head of Natural Sciences at the NBM. “This documentary film will provide an opportunity to share some of these experiences and discoveries with viewers around the world.”

“The work the New Brunswick Museum is accomplishing with the BiotaNB programme is very important to science, but also to the people of New Brunswick” said Mr. Salomone. Mr. Salomone added “the research conducted informs us about biodiversity and how it will be impacted by climate change and human development in the future. As a documentary film producer, I feel it is very important to tell stories about what’s happening in New Brunswick and get those stories to audiences in Canada and around the world.”

Funding for this film is being raised, in part, through a Crowdfunding Campaign. The Campaign, promoted in partnership with the Documentary Film Organization of Canada, has a goal to raise $25,000 by mid-September. If successful, these funds will be matched by the Echo Foundation. The New Brunswick Museum is supporting this initiative through in-kind activities as well as a financial contribution of $2,000. To view the Every Living Thing Crowdfunding Link, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/every-living-thing-a-new-brunswick-bioblitz-film#/story.

“New Brunswick has an incredible natural environment”, said Jane Fullerton, NBM CEO. “We are pleased that the New Brunswick firm of Flower Power Production Inc. has chosen to feature this heritage, and the NBM’s work to discover and document it, ensuring that more people will have the opportunity to learn about it.”

The New Brunswick Museum is New Brunswick’s provincial museum, with a mandate to research, collect, preserve and interpret New Brunswick’s natural, human and cultural heritage. 

Flower Power Production is a film production company based in Fredericton, NB, that has been actively involved in developing, producing and distributing documentary films and related digital media content for television broadcast, interactive websites, film festivals and educational purposes.

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