21 February 2011

New virtual exhibition on New Brunswick Geology to be developed by New Brunswick Museum


The New Brunswick Museum, with support from the Government of Canada, Engineers and Geoscientists New Brunswick, and the private sector, is developing a virtual exhibition of the geological stories of the Province of New Brunswick. The project was announced Friday, Feb. 18, at the Engineers and Geoscientists New Brunswick Annual Meeting in Saint John.

The web-based exhibition, Magnificent Rocks: Stories of New Brunswick Rocks and Fossils, will highlight eleven of the province’s best geology stories through a billion years of history.   Each of the stories will weave together the geology, history of life, scientific investigation and mining by exploring the people involved in historical and contemporary discoveries, community connections and familiar landscapes around the province from Edmundston to St. George, Minto to Campbellton, Cassidy Lake to Grand Anse.

“The New Brunswick Museum is very pleased to be able to undertake this major new project, with the support of the Government of Canada, as well as the Engineers and Geoscientists New Brunswick, SWN Resources Canada, Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. NB Division and other private sector supporters”, said Jane Fullerton, CEO, New Brunswick Museum. “The geological heritage of New Brunswick is significant; through this project, and working in collaboration with the NB Department of Education, the NBM will provide more opportunities for people of all ages to learn about this story.“

Rodney Weston, Member of Parliament for Saint John, said “it gives me great pleasure to announce that the Government of Canada will be a partner with the New Brunswick Museum in the "Magnificent Rocks" project. Our government has committed $104,430 to this initiative through Heritage Canada and their funding of Virtual Museum Canada. This virtual exhibition will allow our community to gain a greater appreciation for the history and future of geology here in New Brunswick. Having this product available on the internet for our students to enjoy will allow widespread access to this key part of our provincial identity.”

“This project is very important for educating students on the importance of geology to New Brunswickers today, and in the future”, said Bruce Broster, President of the Engineers and Geoscientists New Brunswick. “As a result of Magnificent Rocks, we hope that more students will decide to pursue careers in this field.”

Wellness, Culture and Sport Minister Trevor Holder says, “the virtual exhibition, Magnificent Rocks, will create opportunities for understanding and preserving stories of geological exploration within New Brunswick and its ties to the cultural development of the province.”

“Visitors will gain a unique perspective on the role of New Brunswick in the global understanding of Earth evolution and will leave with an enhanced knowledge of geology, scientific exploration and discovery in New Brunswick.”

“As a result of this virtual exhibition, there will be increased awareness of the important role that New Brunswick has had historically, and continues to have today, within the geological sector of Canada and the world. The exhibition will be launched in the winter of 2012,” concluded Holder.

Supporters for the project include:

Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC), an initiative of the Department of Canadian Heritage.  
NB Department of Education.
Engineers and Geoscientists New Brunswick            
SWN Resources Canada/Southwestern Energy
Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. NB Division
Xstrata Zinc- Brunswick Mine
Adex Mining Inc.
Canaport LNG
Corridor Resources Inc.
Dillon Consulting Ltd.
Northcliff Resources Ltd.
Apache Canada Ltd.
Brookville Manufacturing Company
Buchans Minerals Corporation  
Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy & Petroleum – New Brunswick Branch
Cornerstone Capital Resources  
Geodex Minerals Ltd.  
Glenn Group Ltd.

The virtual exhibition will be launched in the winter of 2012 at www.nbm-mnb.ca/magnificentrocks.

For further information:

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