26 August 2010

Global Geopark Network Site Evaluation Team in Saint John Next Week to Visit Stonehammer


Stonehammer: A Billion Years of Stories

SAINT JOHN (CNB) – The Global Geopark Network Site Evaluation team will be in Saint John the week of August 30 to assess the viability of Stonehammer becoming an official Geopark. Two international evaluators, Dr. Patrick McKeever from Northern Ireland; and Claudia Eckhardt from Germany, will be in the city to visit Stonehammer.  Accompanying them will be Dr. Godfrey Nowlan, Chair of the Canadian National Committee for Geoparks.

Dr. Patrick McKeever, Principal Geologist of the Geological survey of Northern Ireland, and Claudia Eckhardt, Regional Development Officer for the Bergstrasse Odenwald Global Geopark in Germany, will be visiting to review the proposed Stonehammer Geopark. They will be evaluating the Project, and its ability to meet the Global Geoparks Network’s mandate of conservation, education, and sustainable development of the geological heritage of the region.

There will be an opportunity to meet the evaluators at the Community Celebration for the Stonehammer Geological Project on Wednesday, September 1, 5:00 – 7:00 pm at the New Brunswick Museum, Market Square. Admission is FREE and all are welcome.
RSVP: (506) 643-2349 / 1-888-268-9595 or email: Visitor@nbm mnb.ca

A Geopark is an area recognized by the Global Geopark Network to have exceptional geological heritage.  This simply means that the area has a natural landscape that is good for education, has a significant scientific value, is particularly rare or it is simply beautiful to look at.  Geoparks aren’t just about geology though, they also take in sites with interesting archaeology, wildlife and habitats, history, folklore and culture, all of which are intricately linked with the underlying geology. A Geopark also has a commitment to benefit the local economy.  This is done by bringing tourists into the region, creating jobs and increasing the need for new businesses, all of which help create an awareness and understanding of such a wonderful natural resource.

The proposed Stonehammer Geopark Project incorporates more than 60 significant geological and fossil locales, including more than 10 publicly accessible sites.  The Stonehammer Project is a community-supported organization comprised of site owners, tourism operators, members of the community and other stakeholders. The proposed park will encompass 2500 square kilometres and extends from Lepreau Falls to Norton and from the Fundy Trail to the Kingston Peninsula.

Visit the Stonehammer website: www.nbm-mnb.ca/stonehammer

For further information:

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Community Relations
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