14 July 2010

Canada’s Waterscapes National Lecture Series Begins This Week


As part of Canada’s Waterscapes – Yours to Enjoy, Explore and Protect exhibition at the New Brunswick Museum, Dr. Kelly Munkittrick will be delivering the first of three National Lectures all covering interesting and fascinating topics in relation to Canada’s Waterscapes this Thursday evening, July 15 at 7 pm at the New Brunswick Museum, Market Square, Saint John.  Dr. Munkittrick’s lecture is entitled New Brunswick Waterscapes: A Rich But Threatened Resource.

About Dr. Munkittrick:  Dr. Munkittrick is the Associate Director of the Canadian Rivers Institute and holds a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Ecosystem Health Assessment at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John, New Brunswick.  He is also the Program Leader for the Watersheds and Ecosystems Theme of the Canadian Water Network, is Co-leader of the Lakes Working Group for the GEF IW: Science project executed by UNU-INWEH, and on the Great lakes Fisheries Commission Board of Technical Experts where he leads the theme on Ecosystem Dysfunction.

Prior to his appointment at UNB, he worked for 11 years for the Canadian federal government, as a Project Chief with the Ecosystem Health Assessment Project at Environment Canada’s National Water Research Institute, and as a Research Scientist with Fisheries and Oceans’ Great Lakes Laboratory for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

His research interests are related to assessing the environmental impacts of industrial and agricultural activities, and on developing methods for environmental effects monitoring and for the cumulative effects assessment of multiple stressors on aquatic environments.

He currently has active projects on assessing environmental impacts in Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Cuba, the US and Canada, and has worked, taught or given invited lectures in more than 25 countries.

The successive lectures will happen: Thursday, August 12 at 7pm where Dr. Karen Kidd will deliver her lecture “Why Small Amounts of Pollution Can Cause Big Problems for Fish in Canada”, and Thursday, August 26 at 7pm where Dr. Donald McAlpine will deliver his lecture “Frogwater: parasites, deformed frogs, and other bizarre stuff that swims in the water you might drink”.

Canada's Waterscapes exhibition will be at the NBM until September 6, 2010.

Canada’s Waterscapes exhibition has been produced by the Canadian Museum of Nature in partnership with Parks Canada, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), RBC Blue Water Project, and the Canadian Water Network, with support from Canadian Geographic.

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