19 May 2010

New Brunswick Museum Seeks Artist to Join Bioblitz


What’s a Bioblitz? According to Wikipedia it’s a special type of field study where a group of scientists and volunteers conduct an intensive biological inventory, attempting to identify and record all species of living organisms in a given area. From August 6 to 19, some 25 participant “biodiversity experts” will descend on the Jacquet River Gorge Protected Natural Area south of Dalhousie for the second annual New Brunswick Museum-organized Bioblitz.  Jacquet River Gorge, the largest and one of the least known Protected Natural Areas in New Brunswick, is an area of heavily forested, rugged, hilly uplands, cut by deep river gorges.

For 2010, International Year of Biodiversity, the New Brunswick Museum intends to add a Project Artist to this team to assist in communicating with the public about the important work being undertaken.

Proposals are requested from New Brunswick visual artists who live/work in the area of the Jacquet River Gorge Protected Natural Area.  The word "artist" signifies any person who devotes a qualitatively important part of his/her life to expressing and communicating an aesthetic vision of the world and who is or asks to be recognized as an artist in the area in which s/he lives.

Further details about the information to be included in the proposal are available on the New Brunswick Museum website www.nbm-mnb.ca  Applications from artists interested in being considered must be postmarked by June 4, 2010.

The New Brunswick Museum will cover the costs of transportation to and from the Jacquet River Gorge Protected Natural Area from the Project Artist’s place of residence, and provide food, accommodation and transport in and out of the Protected Natural Area during field work. The Museum will publicize the selection and role of the Project Artist and may also exhibit work created by the Project Artist along with research findings of other Bioblitz participants. The Project Artist will also be expected to attend an Open House for the local community, to be held on the evening of August 17. Here the Project Artist, along with other researchers, will be available to speak with the public about their experiences. Applicants should be in good physical condition, capable of walking over rough ground, and be prepared to spend daylight hours on consecutive days in remote forested areas with participant scientists.

The New Brunswick Museum Centre for Biodiversity Research, with the Protected Natural Areas Scientific Advisory Committee, formally launched the Bioblitz project in 2009 to document the diversity of various New Brunswick Protected Natural Areas, as the basis for the development of management plans.

In addition to New Brunswick Museum scientists, experts from a number of other institutions and agencies are participating, including the Canadian Museum of Nature, the University of New Brunswick, Acadia University, the University of Ottawa, and the Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Centre. In 2009 funding for the 2 weeks of intensive study was provided by the Salamander Foundation, New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund, Belldune Regional Environmental Association, Port of Belldune, Campbellton Rotary Club, and the Restigouche Naturalists Club.

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