Dee Stubbs-Lee with Wolastoqew canoe

Claire Titus prepares to examine a Miller Brittain cartoon for the Saint John Tuberculosis Hospital Murals

Conservators consult with conservation scientists, curators and other conservators to better understand the collections they are responsible for and in order to make recommendations for care of museum artefacts, whether it is a ship model, a ceramic, an oil painting or a plant specimen.

Conservators have to understand the materials used in the making of an artefact or specimen, how they respond to the environment and what causes them to deteriorate.

Current Visiting Professionals at CCI
Miller Gore Brittain Cartoon
January-February 2009

The Care and Treatment of Portrait Miniatures
A workshop presented by Alan Derbyshire,
Victoria and Albert Museum
Hosted by Library and Archives, Canada
15-19 October 2007