9 May 2012

DNA analysis confirms animal was a wolf

Natural Resources

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FREDERICTON (GNB) – An animal shot on April 6, near Caraquet, was a wolf, a DNA analysis has revealed.

The genetics show it was definitely a wolf and not a coyote, according to the analysis conducted at Trent University in Peterborough, Ont. It contains DNA from two species of wolf.

The animal was identified as a Grey wolf / Eastern wolf hybrid. The subspecies occurs in Ontario and in Quebec, primarily along the northern shore of the St. Lawrence River. It is also found in the United States in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

This is the first confirmed wolf in the province in more than 150 years. Wolves are considered to be extinct in New Brunswick and there is no evidence that a breeding population has established itself here.

The wolf carcass will be further examined at the New Brunswick Museum to try to determine whether it was a captive animal that escaped or was let loose, or whether it was raised in the wild.

The wolf was shot by a licensed varmint hunter who believed it to be a coyote. No charges are expected to be laid.