8 August 2011


13 August 2011

Saint-Simon, August 8, 2011 – A quilting workshop-presentation, open to the public, will take place in the sacristy of the church in Saint-Simon on Saturday, August 13, from 10 a.m. until noon in connection with the Saint-Simon Quilt Exhibit. New Brunswick Museum (NBM) and Village Historique Acadien speakers will present historical overviews of this continuing and evolving ancestral art form.

Peter Larocque, Curator New Brunswick Cultural History & Art, NBM, will present a historical overview of the provincial museum’s textile collection. Maria LeBouthillier, from Village Historique Acadien, will present the art of traditional Acadian quilting, and Johanne Godin, Saint-Simon Quilt Exhibit organizer, will discuss the most recent quilting trends. A public discussion period will follow.

Project promoter and NBM board member Robert Landry believes it is important to create opportunities allowing people to discover their heritage. “The NBM in Saint John is a provincial institution,” he stated. “I am happy that the board of directors encourages creative ways of raising public awareness about the unbelievable number of collected artefacts and the richness of our provincial collections. Peter Larocque’s presentation creates an excellent opportunity to explore new regional activities.

“Quilters (primarily women) are extremely creative and draw their inspiration from everything around them. By providing this historical overview of them, we provide the opportunity to artisans and the public to connect with their heritage and enrich their experience. Therefore, we give ourselves a tool and the inspiration to continue to carry on one of our region’s most remarkable and authentic art forms.”

Mr. Landry has invited everyone interested in quilting to take part. Admission will be $2, and the general public is welcome to attend.

Information: Robert Landry, 726-3625.