3 March 2017

New Brunswick Museum serves up art on a platter - literally

New exhibit features silver platters that come with a message

CBC News - March 03, 2017

The New Brunswick Museum in Saint John is serving up a new exhibit called On A Silver Platter.

It's the installation work of Moncton artist Mathieu Léger, featuring a collection of old silver platters that he's repurposed in a sometimes subversive, sometimes humourous way.

The old platters have had new messages added, explained Peter Larocque, curator of New Brunswick Cultural History and Art at the museum.

"The platters themselves are intended to be bright, shiny objects that attract people," said Larocque. "So Matthew has taken that idea of something that's instantly attractive and he has added some very short statements that he's had engraved into the centre of each of these platters."

Several of the statements are comments on art itself, such as "Dear curator, it's okay, I don't understand this art either," and "If my artwork is not spectacular then you have bad taste."

"There's this sort of serious yet tongue-in-cheek perspective on identity, art and politics that he's infused into these found objects," said Larocque.

The exhibit will be on display until mid-May.