23 March 2016

The New Brunswick Museum Unveils Its Franklin Exploration Exhibit


One of Canada's greatest mysteries now has an exhibit at the New Brunswick Museum here in Saint John.

The exhibit tells the story of the Franklin Exploration in 1845 when Sir John Franklin attempted to discover the Northwest Passage, but both ships used in the search went missing until the HMS Erebus was found in September of 2014.

Filippo Ronca with Parks Canada led all of the dive operations associated with the search and discovery of the HMS Erebus.

He says the exhibit has underwater images and video of the wreck itself and an interpretive component as well that will help tell the story.

Ronca calls it a "great Canadian mystery".

He quoted Ryan Harris, who was the first archeologist to visit the wreck, who compared the feeling to "winning the Stanley Cup".

Ronca says being involved in such a historic find gives him bragging rights at the dinner table with his brothers.

Ronca was the third person to visit the wreck when it was discovered in September of 2014.

His hand is featured on one of Canada Posts Franklin series stamps.

The exhibit is one of a kind with only ten of them in the entire country.

The other ship used in the exploration, HMS Terror, has still not been found.